Keep your ears nice and toasty with literally, the best thing since sliced bread: sliced bread earmuffs.




Want to keep your toes toasty warm no matter where you roam? Our new Nari Narwhal Wireless Heated Slippers feature a rechargeable battery, so you can make the pilgrimage to the pantry without getting cold feet. IS this even real life?




The original, iconic Caboodle still features a spacious interior, removable accessory tray and flip lid mirror. Whether you met her back in the 80s or you're meeting her for the first time, the On-the-Go Girl will be your new best friend.


Thirdlove Bra Company

Starting at $68

Many women struggle with intimate apparel that does not fit properly. Thirdlove has revolutionized the bra fitting experience through technology. Just log onto their website (in the privacy of your own home) and answer a few simple questions on their Fit Finder mini quiz. They will compile the data from your responses to determine the optimal size. Then, in just a few days, a beautifully wrapped package of lingerie arrives at your door--that actually fits!


Hammacher Schlemmer, The Brighter Foldaway Vanity Mirror


This compact versatile mirror is perfect for a city apartment or to take on the road. Though it can be folded down small enough to fit into a drawer, it is still super powerful with over ten LED lights and 1X to 12x magnification.


blendSMART2 Make-up Brush


Top make-up artists in the industry swear by this beauty gadget, which uses rotating anti-microbial bristles to provide a thoroughly blended, air-brush finish. The blendSMART system uses replaceable heads with several applicator options including foundation, powder or blush brushes.


The Slide Out Shoe Storage Tower


Do you have an ever-expanding shoe collection at your front door? Manage shoe-overpopulation in style with this ingenious slide out shoe storage system. It’s attractive wood construction looks good in the foyer and takes up only 1.5 square feet of space. Place up to 20 pairs of shoes into the tower and feel super glam organized.


Chewbacca Vest

One of my new favorite pieces in my closet, super warm, super cute and super Chewie! Another homerun statement piece that is easily recognized by Star Wars fans. Notice every last detail, including the Millennium Falcon interior lining. Officially licensed from Her Universe at Hot Topic!




For the girl who totally knows that Cozy is Bae, our adorably plushy Unicorn Slippers will keep your feet warm and your heart warmer... Why? Because they Light up in a rainbow of sweet colors with every step! Extra comfy. Extra magical. One Size fits most, up to women size 12.


Star Wars R2-D2 Spa Set


This Star Wars R2-D2 Spa Set lets you make your own intergalactic spa day. The convenient tote is packed with a robe, slippers, a satin eye mask, and toe separators, all with an Artoo theme. Throw in a bottle of polish, your favorite bath bomb, and you'll be ready to relax droid style. Get a couple and treat your friends to a girls' night out. They also make perfect bridesmaids' gifts! Just unzip one and let the rest of the world slip away.


Pi By Numbers Knit Scarf


Despite what our Algebra 2 teacher tried to turn it into, mathematics can be beautiful. The first time you graph a parabola in geometry. The recognition of the Fibonacci sequence in a fern. The moment you get to the Q.E.D. bit in a particularly vexing proof. There's beauty in symmetry and simplicity, and there's beauty in Chaos Theory.

Let math keep you stylin' and warm with this Pi By Numbers Knit Scarf. One side has the first 435 digits of Pi (not including the 3) - we mean, well, the scarf HAS the 3 on it, it's just that we didn't count it as a digit. Moving on. The reverse features 8 Pi symbols aka the Greek letter. And if some dolt makes fun of you for your math scarf, tell 'em what goes around comes around.


Skinny & Co. Raw Coconut Oil Beauty Box


The beauty box makes a lovely gift for your special someone who prefers organic glam. Skinny & Co. has patented a unique Nutralock process, which cold presses the coconut oil to keep it raw and retain its healing properties. Each product is completely natural and made with a total five ingredients or less! Perfect for someone with sensitive skin.


FaceOff, Makeup Removing Cloth


At the end of the day, you can completely clean your face with just warm water and this super-soft cloth. FaceOff has a fine microfiber weave that is designed to delicately whisk away dirt, makeup and even mascara. When you are finished, just wash the cloth with soapy water and then you can reuse the next day. It lasts for up to three to four months!


Her Universe Active Wear

Starting at $15

Make the women in your life feel like super heroes! This line of clothing and active wear was created by the talented, Ashley Eckstein, who is the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars! From Wonder Woman to Dr. Who, her unique pieces provide the perfect look for a holiday party or just for the weekend when you want to stand out from the crowd.


TreStique Shimmering Nudes Holiday Set


I like this makeup line because its true to it's motto, "Beauty made simple." Touting a full face in five minutes, the set contains five of their best sellers including a highlighter, blush, shadow, lip and brow crayon - all which magnetically open up on the other side to an additional tool.


Super Mario 8-bit Lounge Pants with Collector's Tin


Level up with these Super Mario lounge pants that are great for any gamer in your life. 100% cotton and drawstring elastic fit. Bonus: comes in question block collector's tin.


Star Wars R2-D2 Spa Set


Do or do not relax, there is no try. This new in R2 spa set is perfect for any Star Wars fan in your life. Included in the R2 bag are slippers, robe, satin eye mask and toe separators.


Space Invaders Knit Scarf


Space Invaders was a monumentally important video game. For the first time, high scores were saved. For the first time, the targets shot back. For the first time, music wasn't just at the beginning and end of a game, but played (repeatedly) as you played - speeding up as the game sped up. Yup, without Space Invaders and all the hard work of creator Tomohiro Nishikado, video games as we know and love them would not exist.


Anglerfish LED Light-Up Plush Slippers


We know what you're thinking - "ThinkGeek, anglerfish are much more creepy looking, and have sharp and pointy teeth! These don't look scary at all!" And to that we say... yep. We know that the real deal are far more menacing looking, but, trust us, your pets will thank you for not wearing the real thing around on your feet.


Pac-Man Ghosts Lounge Pant


It's that old, familiar story: some scientists at a megacorporation unintentionally open a dimensional rift. Flash forward and an alien race has used the rift to conquer Earth. You must defend it with your crowbar. Or maybe you'd prefer being on a planet that's really a machine built by an alien race at war with humanity (oh, and there's this other alien race that happens to be parasitic) with a hologram in your head.


Duke Cannon, Limited Edition US Military Field Box


Duke Cannon products are a great gift idea for the rugged, All-American man in your life. Known for their humor (soap scents include “Accomplishment” and “Productivity”) and wholesome ingredients, this personal care line is made especially for men. This set includes five of their most popular “Big Ass Bricks of Soap,” packaged in an authentic military field box with a special bonus Stanley Screwdriver. Plus, your “Man’s Man” will be happy to know that all Duke Cannon products are proudly made in the USA and tested by active duty military personal.


Tria Hair Remover Laser Precision

Starting at $299

Tria brings laser removal into the privacy of your own home. FDA approved, this device has three different settings, which allows you to customize the intensity of the treatment. Slowly, with regular applications over a period of months, you will begin to notice that your hair gets lighter and finer.


The Makeup Light

Starting at $290

Celebrity make-up artists are obsessed with getting the best lighting. For beginners or more seasoned pros, this make-up mirror simulates daylight for the most natural make-up application. The key is a powerful LED panel that provides a high-tech luminous light. The full kit comes with tripod stand, but you can purchase the more inexpensive suction cup mount, which secures right onto a mirror. It’s perfect for an apartment or a dimly lit hotel room.


Dyson Supersonic Blow-dryer

Starting at $399.99

Leave that big and bulky hair dryer behind! Meet the Dyson blow dryer that was created through a multi-million-dollar investment. Engineered with a light-weight digital motor, quick drying capacity and intelligent heat protection, it really brings this styling tool into the 21st century.


Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap


The creators of Duke Cannon often enjoy a fine bourbon from their favorite distiller, Buffalo Trace, and got to thinking – How could they collaborate? Enter the newest addition to their Big Ass Bars of Soap line. The Bourbon Soap has an oak barrel scent that is both musky and masculine. It contains small bits of corn, as a reminder of the distilling process, and also to provide great exfoliation. And, yes, there’s really a little Buffalo Trace bourbon in every bar!


Remington Pro 1” Flat Iron with SmartPro Sensor Technology 


Finally straighten your hair without the worry of long-term damage. This flat iron contains technology that monitors the temperature and moisture of your hair, so it can automatically adjust to avoid harm. Plus, the ceramic construction decreases frizz and fly away ends for that professional salon look.