Smoko USB Holiday Cactus


This little cactus is the perfect office gift to lighten the mood and bring a little festivity to the holiday season. Just plug it into your computer’s USB port, and watch as the cactus illuminates with bright holiday colors.



$9.95 per month

Everyone loves the real theater experience, but sometimes it is just too expensive. The co-founder of Netflix created MoviePass, a service that provides one movie ticket every day! Sounds too good to be true, right? Disclaimer, they do analyze customer data, which keeps the subscription price low. The network includes over 4,000 theaters and over 36,000 screens nationwide, so there is likely to be a location near you.




This high-grade drone is small, but powerful. Sleek and compact, a traveler’s dream drone, it has technological upgrades with decreased aircraft noise and extended flight time. As a drone user for many years, I’m pretty amazed by how simple and smooth this one is to fly! As you can imagine the quality is pretty darn amazing too. Take advantage of flight modes like, Follow Me,” – where you can create your own personal paparazzi.