Light up Unicorn slippers


What could possibly be better than unicorn slippers? Heated or light-up unicorn slippers! The heated version simply plugs in via USB cable. Experience the cozy comfort of these adorable slippers!


The Neverending Story Leather Book Cover


Hand-painted and hand-crafted to hold any 6”-8” tablet. The Neverending Story Leather Cover will protect all the details of your own personal journey!


Be Bold or italic Never Regular Zipper Pouch


Calling all writers, emailaholics and creatives: you now have your very own pouch to store the necessities! Pens, lip balm, safety pins, journals, smartphones and anything else you want to easily find while reminding you to keep being you!


Star Wars Stacking Ceramic Mug Set

Starting at $29.99

Star Wars coffee lover fans can now enjoy their morning cup of Joe with their favorites.  Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca and Yoda stack up perfectly and are microwave and dishwasher safe too!


Jumbo clear confetti Balloon


Love these confetti balloons for any festive function year round. The oversized design looks top notch. Though I will warn you – plan extra clean up time to pick up the generous amounts of confetti.


Lollipops by SweetBitesConfections

Starting at $24.29 per set of 10

Customize those holiday sweet treats! Your friends will be impressed! Upload an image or choose from patterns, planets and a wide variety of flavors.


Super Mario Brothers All Over Print Legging


Official Nintendo all over print leggings for those of us gamer girls that have it all! Love this quirky fashion!


Swankey wine purse

Starting at $129.95

Take your wine night anywhere! Wine on the go has never been so stylish. The Swankey Wine Purse has a built-in pouch and spout for a convenient pour wherever you may be. Choose from an array of colors and prints to match your style!


It’s So Fairy Nice Spinning Candle Holder


Simply light a tea-light candle and watch as the heat propels the carousel to spin while casting shadows of fairies on the walls and ceiling. The perfect accent piece to any living or bedroom for all of you fairy tale and fantasy lovers!


Cheese Degrees Cutting Board


Perfect for cheese lovers and entertainers alike, cut the cheese at the right time and angle with the bamboo protractor cutting board! The perfect gift for you cheese-loving architects out there!


Tre Olive

Starting at $79.99

Another go-to gifting item of mine that I shared on the TODAY Show this year in a round up. You can gift your own olive tree in Italy and receive fresh oil year round. It is delicious and such a conversation piece


Hotel Tonight

Gift card options available

One of my favorite apps is hands down Hotel Tonight. I am often booking last-minute travel and last-minute hotels. Now, I get a rush of excitement because I do it through this last-minute app with high quality rooms at seriously discounted prices! Rooms that are upwards of $300 or $400 I’ll score for around $135. And the more rooms you book the more perks you earn. Grab a gift card for a friend.


Super Mario Beanies


These beanies are so cute! It’s hard to make a choice with options like Bullet, Goomba, Boo Ghost, Piranha Plant, Shy Guy, Question Mark, Donkey Kong and more!


Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag


Keep warm this winter with the Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag by Poler. Machine washable with openings on the side and bottom so you can move freely or be snug as a bug within seconds!


Do I Look Like a Team Player Men’s Socks


Perfect for your hilarious and slightly obnoxious friends who proudly put the “I” in team. These socks are sure to be a conversation piece at the next tailgate.



Starting at $72

Regardless of how many times I see the MyPillow commercial, this is still my go-to pillow recommendation. Used by many pro teams, the moisture wicking technology allows for better airflow and keeps you refreshed throughout the night. Plus – find your perfect “Pillow ID” by answering a few simple questions like “side sleeper” or “stomach sleeper” to get the perfect pillow designed just for you.


F'lint travel size lint roller


Great for the traveler! The tiny plastic lint roller has 30 tear-off sheets and optional refills for under $5.


Her Universe Star Wars Darth Vader Sweater


I pretty much love all things Her Universe, but my top pick for this season is the Darth sweater!


Rechargeable multi-color Bottle light


Treasures can be found anywhere! Don't throw away that favorite bottle - save it to make some unique decor. Twist light on and off and it'll last for 2 1/2 hours. Seven different hues to choose from!