The Gravity Blanket


A premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket engineered to be around 10% of your body weight


Mermaid Photo Phillows: Business on the front, Party on the back!

Starting at $58.97

Reversible sequin pillows


Anglerfish Book Light


Ah, the anglerfish. First, they lure you in with their bright and curious light. Then, they eat you! Well, if you're a crustacean, snail, or nearby fish, that is. But this anglerfish is different. This ThinkGeek-exclusive Anglerfish Book Light is the cutest anglerfish you ever did see. Its carnivorous nature will help you devour your favorite books.


Nintendo Mario Kart Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament


Sitting on the couch but dreaming of getting back on the right track? You could be out there, wind in your hair, friends by your side (but slightly behind, hopefully), and a golden mushroom in your pocket. Watch out for that blue shell, though! (And for Santa catching you making "vroom vroom" noises and throwing banana peels in front of your neighbors. He KNOWS when you've been naughty.)

Nintendo Controller Floor Mat


Your home is your castle (and hopefully, there's no one greeting you whenever you come home to say that the princess is in some other one). And whether you like your castles with a side of Vania, Quest, Deceit, Milon's Secret, Dragon, or even Bugs Bunny (Roger Rabbit in Japan), the Nintendo Entertainment System can easily make any castle at all feel just like home, in only 8 bits!


Nintendo Donkey Kong Cabinet Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament with Light and Sound


For those of us who live in snowy climates, winter weather can be frustrating. You know what we mean? Sometimes (usually on about the third shoveling of the season) it feels like you're just bumbling through, trying to climb crooked girders to save a damsel in distress (or a reindeer in distress), while somebody keeps throwing dang oil barrels at you. You just can't catch a break.

Relive barrel-tossing fun with this tiny Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. You'll feel like you're at the arcade when you press the "controller" buttons on the ornament to see it light up and play the unforgettable sounds of this classic video game.


Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Scene Ornament: A Duel to the Death


This holiday season, Darth Vader and
The Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Scene Ornament-A Duel to the Death is designed by Orville Wilson and Kristina Gaughran. It includes the classic figures of the Sith Lord & Jedi Master, framed by the hangar scene from A New Hope. The dialogue, lightsaber sound effects, and scene styling is all screen-accurate, and will delight any Star Wars fan for many holidays to come.


Edible Appetizer Spoon Maker


Create fun summer treats, perfect for gatherings! This gadget makes edible spoons in just minutes for both sweet and savory treats. There are dough recipes included or  it also works with your favorite grocery store biscuit dough. I created my own edible spoons beautifully topped with strawberries, whip cream and chocolate chips to the delight of my niece and nephew.


Cirkul Adjustable Flavor Water Bottle

Starting at $30

This is a great gift for an environmentally conscious friend. Did you know that more than 250 billion water bottles end up in the trash every year? Cirkul adds a kick to your average reusable water bottle with a special cartridge that adds a subtle fruit flavor, vitamins, electrolytes and/or caffeine. Just turn the dial for own personalized level of flavor.


Moodo® the smart home aroma diffuser

Starting at $139.00

An innovative aroma diffuser produced by Agan Aroma. As a leader in the fragrance industry for over 35 years, we know how strongly the right scent can affect your mood. This is why we created Moodo – a smart and instant way to create a unique scent for any mood




Well, this is awkward. But maybe that's a good thing. Challenge the status quo and embrace your natural defiance of social norms with this ceramic mug, featuring some refreshingly honest vintage-inspired typography.



This little diffuser will work to humidify the air for a good six to eight hours. They’re also equipped with timed auto shut-off modes. Amp up your relaxation by adding your own favorite essential oils (our go-to scent is lavender, gotta get that R&R!). Mist Mode 6-8 hours running time until water runs out 60, 90, 180 minutes auto shut-off or 30 sec toggle mode to last even longer. We’ve upgraded the diffusers from a 5v to a 12v motor, so they can diffuse more and cover a larger area.


Wonder Woman Fairy String Lights


Wonder Woman knows that both light and darkness live within mankind. With the Wonder Woman Fairy String Light set, you can add a little more light to your bedroom, locker, cubicle, or Christmas tree, and help dispel the darkness. 
This 20-light, battery-operated set uses only cool white LED bulbs.

Also available in Star Wars Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, & Hello Kitty


Game Controller Ornament


Did you ever wake up on Christmas morning hoping that Santa (or his many helpful elves) had brought you the latest game console? We did. For some of us, it was an Atari. For others, it was the Classic NES. Some of us are young enough that the first console controller we ever owned was actually ergonomic. Our thumb joints were completely unaware to be grateful for that gift! 

Celebrate that childhood joy during the holidays, and any day after, with the Game Controller Ornaments. These hand-painted glass tributes to our childhood may be styled like holiday ornaments, but they can decorate a game room all year long!


Ring Video DoorBell


This is the most popular doorbell for a reason – it’s easy to use. Ring connects with your smartphone allowing you to see, hear and talk to whomever is at your door from anywhere at any time. Never miss another package delivery!



Starting at $499.99

Give someone the gift of healthy living. This gadget takes juicing up to the next level. It is compact, easy to use and really squeezes out every last bit of juice from fruits and vegetables. I enjoyed trying it out with my niece and nephew. They watched in awe as the fresh juice poured out, and their mom felt equally awed as they drank every last bit!


Stellar LED Bow Set


We like to think of ourselves as purveyors of geek culture, but at our core ThinkGeek is basically an extraordinary gift shop. We have that particular thing that will MAKE someone's birthday or holiday or... Thursday. You know that when you give something from ThinkGeek, it's your item that everybody's going to leave the party talking about.

We've whipped up something special to help you with the presentation of said unique gift. This Stellar LED Bow Set is sure to make your recipients' eyes sparkle before they even open the package. A set of six, these silver mylar bows have fiber optics in the center that light up with an LED which blinks and pulses as it shifts between colors. We predict they'll make the recipient light up, too.




For when your love of books extends far past actual books with words in them, we present... the Book Light! Close it up, and it looks just like a book. Open it, and its book pages fan out in accordion style that can provide mood lighting in one of five colors: white, green, blue, red, and purple. It will also open all the way, 360 degrees, staying open with the use of strong magnets, making this book look almost like a Ferris wheel on its side. Choose a color for your mood or your task, whether you want to read, give your room a themed glow, or use it as an accent light.


Super Mario Boo Mug


Do you roll out of bed looking like someone scared you? Does your morning cup of coffee make you as virtually indestructible as the Boos from Super Mario Bros.? Does that shot of caffeine turn you from a shy, bashful guy (read: cranky) to someone ready to face the day with enthusiasm?
Pour your magic morning medicine (all 22 ounces of it) into this huge Super Mario Boo Mug and get ready to face your day. This three-dimensional mug is just taunting you, waving its short little arms and sticking its tongue out.




Cutest umbrella ever? We think so. This Elodie Umbrella features liquid reactive patterns of hearts and stars which take on ombre hues when in contact with water. To brighten up a rainy day even more, the umbrella is outfitted with 8 multicolor LED lights.


Hallmark Keepsake Batcopter Ornament


Hang on to the ladder, and hand down the Shark Repellent Bat-Spray.... The Hallmark Keepsake Batcopter ornament is here, helping us relive all the fun, silliness, and onomatopoeia that the Adam West Batman movie gave us!

This iconic ornament features bat wings and two detailed likenesses of Batman and Robin, as they appeared in the 1966 movie. You can even see the ladder curled up on the skids. The metal accents include a rotor that actually spins.


24 in. Color Blast Remote Controlled RGB LED 84-Light Giant Snowflake


Your entire family will enjoy basking in the jubilant glow of the 24 in. ILLUMINATIONS Color Blast Giant Snowflake. Featuring 84 energy-efficient RGB LED lights with 8 dazzling motion effects, this deluxe indoor and outdoor luminaire comes with an innovative color wheel remote control. Customize light colors with a simple swipe of the color wheel. Connect your Color Blast light sets and easily synchronize the lights with just one remote. No assembly required, slide out from the box and our snowflake is ready to be hung up. Have a blast creating an unforgettable light spectacle with this premium lighting.


Clevermade Folding Storage

Starting at $14.99

Sturdy and attractive these baskets and storage bins have a million uses at home. The ingenious part happens when you are done toting and carrying -- they completely fold down and take up minimal space. Use them to bring home groceries or pack up all the kid’s sporting gear! Ultimately, they decrease home clutter, which is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.


Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Darth Vader Ornament


Kylo Ren may have held onto a melted version of Darth Vader's helmet, but we prefer this intact one. Equipped with memorable quotes from the iconic films, the Darth Vader Christmas ornament is ready to bring your holidays to a galaxy far far away. 

Equipped with two LR44 batteries, Darth Vader comes ready to hang on your tree! Flavor your holiday atmosphere with the rich, full-bodied voice that's given us goosebumps for the past 40 years!


Yeti Customized Ramblers

Starting at $29.99

This is the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy for man in your life. Made with kitchen grade stainless steel, the Rambler is hard-core puncture and rust resistant. It also has a double wall vacuum insulation that genuinely keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It comes in a range of sizes and now can even be personalized with customize designs, monograms or free text (i.e. #1 Grandpa).

Flick Candles


Give the gift of a little humor and sarcasm! Just reading down this company’s list of candle options is hilarious. Some favorite fragrances from their “Fake Smile Collection” include: "Freshly Signed Divorce Papers" and "Retraining Order Ocean Breeze."


Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker

Starting at $49.99

Do you know someone who likes to sneak a bowl of ice cream after dinner? This gadget turns bananas and other fruit into a delicious, healthy ice cream alternative. It is so easy to use. Just load frozen fruit and watch as the creamy soft-serve swirls out.

Star Wars Stormtrooper or Darth Vader Media Chair


If you are looking for a higher end, WOW gift, look no further! Imagine bringing the intensity of the Imperial Army right into your own living room for the holidays. These chairs are not only character inspired, but also include a built in Bluetooth audio system and other tech features to take your video gaming or movie experience up that next level.


Outdoor LED Projector


For any diehard NFL fan this is the ultimate statement of loyalty. This football shaped projector plugs in to AC and is easily staked into the ground. Instantly six massive team logos appear on your home up to 25' feet away at 40' tall.

Bedgear Bed in a Box


This high-tech mattress has special technology that measures air flow, helps promote ventilation and decreases excessive moisture and heat. It also uses a reactive technology that adapts to your movement and provides support for the most comfortable night’s sleep. The coolest thing about giving a Bedgear mattress is its presentation. It arrives in a small compact box, then as soon you open it up it expands into a full-size mattress.


Bruer: Cold Brew Coffee Maker


For those who enjoy a cold brew year-round, this gadget brings the brewing process right into your home, office, or anywhere else. The Bruer slowly filters cold water through ground coffee—no electricity or heat needed –so you can make full bodied iced coffee that tastes like it came from the cafe.