Keynote Technology Speaker

Katie is no stranger to keynote speaking and has spoken for a variety of dynamic clients at everything from corporate events to academic universities and consumer conferences.

Along with her unique energy and decades of professional tech and media expertise, Katie delivers one-of-a-kind keynote presentations. Sometimes there are prizes, sometimes there is social integration, or sometimes there are lively Q+A segments—creating an atmosphere of engaging discussions and pure fun! But a main component of Katie’s keynotes are stories. Through the lens of storytelling, Katie utilizes audio visual presentations to integrate some of her favorite TV stories from across the globe.

Another thing that sets Katie apart when it comes to keynote speaking is her detailed and creative touch on each customized presentation. Katie works with a professional graphics team to design and incorporate an eye-catching, lively, and on-brand experience for every type of audience.

Katie has been a keynote speaker for the following clients:


Katie is available to be a keynote speaker at your next event—large or small.