Color Wonder Mess Free Magic Light Brush


Create magical, mess-free art with the Color Wonder Magic Light Brush and Drawing Pad. The Mess-Free Color Wonder Paints only appear on the Color Wonder Paper--never on skin, furniture, or fabric. To paint, just dip the Color Wonder Magic Light Brush in one of the paint pots and apply it to the Color Wonder Paper. The brush bristles will light up to show which color you’ve chosen before you apply it to the page. Artists ages three and up will love painting with the magic of Color Wonder.


Anglerfish Light-Up Plush - Exclusive


You know when you're at a restaurant, and the wait staff comes up and is like, "Would you like something else?" and you're like, "Yes! A bigger stomach, please" because you need to have more of whatever tasty thing is being served? It's on occasions like that when we wish we were anglerfish. They can distend both their jaws AND their stomachs. Open mouth. Insert entire pizza.


Giant Inflatable Wheel


Schools out for the summer and this colorful, giant inflatable will keep the kids busy with endless hours of outdoor fun! It’s fun to play with both on land and also in the water.


Bruder Toys

Starting at $20

Classic and durable kids love these cars and trucks that stand the test of time. The Bruder collection encourages imagination, as kids can immerse themselves in vocational role play as a farmer, a logger or a construction worker.


Myo Heart Pillow Warmer


Give the gift of a warm heart for the holidays. This pillow is not only adorable, but also has built in tech, similar to a heating blanket, so it’s perfect for little ones to snuggle up to on a cold winter’s night.


Monopoly Nintendo Edition


Perfect for the hard-to-buy-for gamer in your life! This special edition of Monopoly incorporates all things Nintendo. It comes nicely packaged with a five-character token assortment including Mario and Donkey Kong. Keeping with the Nintendo theme, all the properties are out of the Mushroom Kingdom and instead of paper money, you’ll be using coins, of course!



Transformers- The Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet


This helmet is impressive and a little intimidating with its movie accurate detail. Embedded with special tech, the helmet provides button-activated Transformer sounds and phrases, but by far the coolest feature is the special microphone that makes your voice sound like Optimus Prime!


Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base


A young Jedi will love to battle the Dark Side with this special toy that is both a droid and playset in one. Close to play with the BB-8 droid or open to reveal the inter-galactic playset. Full of exciting features like a catwalk, landing pad and jail cell. It is also imbedded with special tech including classic BB-8 sound effects and lights.


Simon Optix


Remember the classic Simon game where you follow the lights and sounds and then repeat? Well, Simon just got a cool upgrade – now it’s wearable headset. Follow the lights and sounds, just like in the old game, but now you see and hear through the headset. Play solo or compete in a group – it’s fun when the intensity builds, and the sequences get longer and longer.

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter with LED Lights


With over 100 LED lights on the handlebar stem, wheels, and deck, the Jetson Jupiter Folding Kick Scooter is sure to light up the way for nonstop fun!
An easy folding mechanism located near the bottom of the stem makes it simple to fold the handlebar towards the deck and lock it into place. This easy folding design, along with a lightweight frame, makes this kid scooter a breeze to carry and store. Plus, the handlebar is height adjustable, so kids can keep playing as they keep growing. And since safety is always top of mind, the Jupiter sports an easy to access rear fender foot brake, to ensure a secure, full stop every time.


Elodie Unicorn Diffuser


This adorable unicorn is an air humidifier, who also makes the room magical with multi-colored LED light bulb. Constructed with a timed auto shut off, she can stop the light show once your little one falls asleep.


Dolce Plush Toys

Starting at $29.99

Dolce stands for: Develop, Observe, Learn, Create and Educate. Their line of plush toys are specially designed for the early learner, who is exploring his or her environment. These adorable, colorful animals have sensory fabrics, mirrors and other activities to keep kids interested. Some even come equiped with a signature Dolce teether—how smart!



Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set


Gets kids interested in chemistry with the familiar face of Barbie. This kit contains the tools and materials necessary to teach basic chemistry principles and includes six “potions” for real-life scientific experiments.



View-Master Discovery Kids 3D


Go a little old school and bring back the classic View-Master. Discovery provides a nice science spin, so the reels encourage learning about themes such as dinosaurs or safari adventures. Guaranteed when the kids pull it out, all the adults will ask, “Can I see?” Brings back so many memories of childhood!


Brackitz Building Blocks

Starting at $19.99

These high-tech blocks will inspire the next engineer or architect. A step beyond basic building blocks, Brackitz create gravity defying 3D structures. They even have a building set that includes pullies, strings and a crank so kids and design their own elevators, zipline or even a drawbridge.


Osmo Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends

Starts at $19.00

Now you can bring your favorite Disney characters to life — when you learn to draw them yourself. Osmo Super Studio is a magical, immersive way to connect to Mickey and all of his friends.


Zubits magnetic shoe laces


Zubits are magic magnets that replace shoelaces. They are the perfect gift to help moms and dads save a little time in the morning. These heavy-duty magnets stay closed during rigorous activity, but easily pop open when kids are ready to take off their shoes. Simply secure to the laces and they’re ready to go!


Wild Republic Huggers


Huggers are 8” soft, loveable little animals, who hug you back. Specially designed with gentle snap bands, they can connect to a child’s arm, backpack or stroller. Special favorites include the sloth, the bat and even a T Rex!


Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Mask and Smash FX Fists

$17.99 and $23.99

Inspire imaginative play for your little one, who wants to become a superhero. The Hulk mask has a unique construction, which allows children to manipulate Hulk mannerisms with eyebrow raising and mouth moving. Add the matching fists that are motion activated, so kids can make three different dramatic punch and smash sounds, based on their own movements.



DreamWorks Trolls Hair in the Air Poppy


This adorable Troll doll has sky high pink hair. Press a button on her dress to see her light up and sing songs. Or brush and style her bendable hair, and watch as she becomes illuminated with magic twinkle lights.


Happy Atoms, Digital and Physical Chemistry Sets

Starting at $59.95

Geared toward the middle-school aged child, these sets are a fun way to get children interested in chemistry. The set includes plastic atoms that connect in real space and time with magnets to form molecules. Next, download the app, so that the kids can scan their molecular creation to virtually discover the chemical creation that they made.


Play-Doh Touch to Life

Starting at $27.50

Every child loves playdoh! This creative toy allows the child’s masterpiece to come to life. First, kids make unique characters with the included doh, tools and stampers. Next, mom or dad downloads the app, scans their creation and the child proudly watches as it magically comes to life on the screen.



Starting at $24.99

Magformers take brick building blocks into the 21st century. These magnetic blocks allow children to create structures with magnets, motors and sensors. Build a log cabin, a walking robot or even a circular UFO!


Dr. Panda Plus Home Designer


This super creative game allows children to become interior designers. The game comes with 51 flash cards –each with a different interior object. The child colors each object and then scans it into the virtual room via an app. Children create their own interactive 3D room with Augmented Reality from the wallpaper to the bedding.


IllumiCraft Light-up Journal


This special project enables children to make their own journal with a mix of artistic creativity and STEM problem solving. For artistic expression, the set includes sparkly stickers and markers to decorate the journal. For scientific exploration, it includes an LED light that must be “engineered” into the journal using basic circuity skills. Easy to follow instructions are included, which explain the construction process and also the basic science behind electricity (beginning with concepts such as electrons and protons). Other illumiCraft options are available including a picture frame, mirror, pencil case or speaker dock.


Curiscope Virtuali-Tee


My sister, who is a nurse, used this VR program to teach young students about the human body. Download the app with an Iphone or Ipad, and then scan the T shirt. Children can magically see “inside their body” with a virtual tour of their human anatomy including organs, bones and blood vessels. Perfect for the aspiring nurse or doctor!



Starting at $24.99

This is a gift that will get kids away from their tablets and engaged in creative play. These colorful building blocks have a special design that allows them to fit together, so that kids can make amazing 3D objects like a house, an animal or a truck.



Starting at $8

Bring out your children’s inner urban engineer with this ingenious tape that will enable them to create their own road and highway systems. Printed just like a real road, the tape is available in both straight and curvy options. It sticks to any flat surface, is easy to tear (no scissors required) and removes without any residue. It’s a perfect toy to pack for a visit with friends or grandparents –sure to keep the kids busy for hours.



Virtual Reality: Discover the World of VR


With the explosion of technology, sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the knowledge. This book helps children and their parents explore the world of Virtual Reality in an engaging and informative format. The book comes with a VR viewer and a smartphone app, so after you’re finished reading about VR, you can experience it first-hand by running beside a T Rex or stepping aboard the International Space Station!


R2D2 Droid Inventor Kit


This droid was a huge hit with my niece and nephew. The mechanical pieces look very high-tech, but lucky for mom and dad it is easy to put together. Once he’s built, R2D2 is controlled via an app and has all kinds of interactive sounds and tricks that help kids stay busy and learn about The Force.


Beasts of Balance


We sat at the kitchen table playing this game together for hours. It’s like augmented reality meets Jenga. Players gently stack a variety of animals and elements from a warthog and an eagle to fire and air, but be careful not to knock down the pile. With the interactive app, as you strategically stack, you also learn about the crazy new species that you created. This game is innovative, as it mixes both the physical and the digital worlds, and now you can even play it on Apple TV!


Learning Resources Tree House Engineering and Design Building Set


Encourage younger children to develop their engineering skills with this delightful tree house building set. Many construction sets have a difficulty level that is too high for younger children. The set aptly aims for children 5-years-old and up. It contains activity cards to provide guidance on engineering challenges; however, children also have the flexibility to problem solve and create their own unique design.



furReal Makers Proto Max


This clever toy allows children to enjoy and participate in the experience of having a pet—virtually. Load batteries and the pup starts to interact right out of the box. Parents, it is just an eight-step construction process and not overly complex. Once assembled download the app to encourage children to problem solve and use their imagination. Kids can code a customized pet with 400+ sounds, 100+ eye animations and even teach their pup special routines and tricks.

Long Sleeved Batcole Skyline with Glow in the Dark Signal


I am a proud supporter and board member of The Batcole Foundation, founded in loving memory of Cole, who was diagnosed when he was only five years old with neuroblastoma. Throughout his treatment, Cole loved all things superhero, especially Batman. The Batcole symbol was drawn on a napkin by a family friend and quickly became his identity. Cole sadly lost his fight with cancer in 2015, living well beyond his estimated prognosis thanks to clinical trials. To preserve his legacy, his family created the Batcole Foundation to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research and also to bring a sense of joy and creativity to the bedside.

PBS KIDS Plug and Play HDMI Streaming Stick


This streaming stick provides a wide variety of PBS educational content for use at any time or anywhere. The stick comes preloaded with sing-alongs, games and videos that can be accessed without Wi-Fi. If you decide to connect to Wi-Fi through the settings option, the stick also provides free access to a new PBS KIDS 24-hour channel, local PBS channels and 100 hours of on-demand videos with no subscription required. The set also comes with a cute child friendly remote, so your little one can replay those Elmo episodes all by themselves!

Barbie STEM Kit


Join Barbie on a STEM exploration. First, learn about physics and engineering through building models including a washing machine, spinning closet rack or a greenhouse. Next tackle biology and chemistry when designing dresses for Barbie, such as an optical illusion origami dress. The kit includes a full storybook/manual with step-by-step instructions for a total of seven building projects and ten different experiments.

Portable North Pole App

Free with Premium In-App purchases

Santa is super hi-tech! His elves have even developed an app called Portable North Pole (PNP). PNP lets you create a customized video message or call from Santa if they are nice this season. Plus with the front facing camera on your smartphone you can even capture the child's reaction!