Intel Security

As a tech expert I have a nerdy but serious obligation to ensure you're keeping your digital life secure! When you’re giving and getting new devices for the holidays, it is so important to remember to safeguard your new tech with McAfee software that protects PCs, Macs, and Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.


PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets - cover all of them against online threats with comprehensive protection for your digital life. McAfee LiveSafe keeps user data, identity and privacy protected on every device owned, allowing users to shop, bank and socialize with confidence. 

Use the True Key™ app to sign into mobile apps, websites, and devices without having to remember your password, using a combination of factors such as your face, fingerprint or device.
A one year subscription for unlimited devices is available for $89.99
Supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.8 or later, Google Android smartphones and tablets 4.0 or higher, Apple iOS 8 or later

McAfee mobile security

On the go? Keep your data device and personal info secure especially around the holidays! McAfee Mobile Security is the ultimate protection for one’s mobile life that protects, backs up and restores mobile data, protects passwords and locates a lost device. 

OS support: iOS 6.01 and higher, Android 2.3 and higher
Available for free download


Prices vary

Give the gift of technology with tech support. Enjoy, (a company led by former Apple execs) is a service in the Bay Area and New York City that sends experts to hand-deliver products (as quickly as four hours after ordering), set them up and answer any questions. Products run the gamut, and include top name brand sound systems, cameras, computers, electric skateboards, smart phones and more.

Boombox Touch Speaker


With no wires or Bluetooth you get big sound in a small package. Just place your smartphone or MP3 player on top of this sleek, black speaker, and prepare to be impressed.

Halo Belt


Feel safer on those nighttime runs with the LED Halo Belt. Charged by USB, the weather-proof bright light comes in three colors (red, green or blue) and two modes (solid or flash). This has been a go-to for me on my night Brooklyn Bridge runs!


Yeti Pillow and Feet Warmers

$49.99 each

The elusive Yeti is surprisingly warm (and actually kinda cute) as you can see in these heated, wireless pillows and feet warmers. Rechargeable batteries included.



Starting at $1,199

Yes, please, to power under the tree! With a 360-degree watchband hinge, this 2 in 1 device can convert between four different modes: laptop, stand, tent and tablet. Powered by the 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor with Windows® 10, it offers all-day battery life and is the thinnest Intel Core 2 in 1 device on the market. Available in orange, champagne gold and platinum silver.

Apple TV

starting at $149.00

File this under one under “hot holiday gifts”: – the new Apple TV is here! Are apps the future of TV? Game, browse favorite shops or access your faves like Netflix, Hulu and HBO. Series-binging and everything else are now in one easy place, all with the help of Siri.

Unicorn Ambient Light


Light up the night with this glowing, mythical creature. Just looking at it, the unicorn brings a smile. Available in white, pink, purple, yellow, blue.

luminAID Packlight 12


Perfect for camping or in an emergency, this tiny square twists and expands into a solar-powered lantern with 12 LED lights that last 12 hours on a charge.

Shoes of Prey

starting at $129

In just three steps, you design the color, shape and height of your shoes, using this 3D-design program. You’ll be wearing your custom-made pair in about four weeks. Be prepared, the site is a (fun!) time burglar, but the payoff is in the shoe’s fit. The heels I designed are about the comfiest I own.


iCoffee® Opus Single Serve Coffee Maker 


Bring flavor back into your coffee with iCoffee®. iCoffee® is the first single-serve brewing system to use SpinBrew™ Technology to produce a dramatically smoother and better-tasting beverage from a single-serve machine. This technology uses a SpinBrew™ needle to spin, steam and stir the coffee inside of the k-type cup, creating a mini-French Press-like effect that cannot be achieved by other brewers. All iCoffee brewers work with any k-compatible cup and any potable water source, including soft and well water, and my personal recommendation is to use the  complimentary iCup Reusable for eco-friendly brewing!

Watermelon Keg Tap Kit Deluxe


Talk about environmentally friendly! Turn a watermelon into a serving vessel with this keg tap kit. Just hollow out the fruit, add your favorite liquids and voila! Great flavor and minimal clean up!

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Mug


There are two sides to every Marshmallow Man—and this mug is no exception. Flaunt the happy face or the agitated face, depending on your mood.




Stop stockpiling (and losing) those “special” and way-too-expense gloves that work on touchscreens, because now you can make your own! Just apply the AnyGlove formula and you’re good to go.

AppLights Multi-Color Sting Set


Control your holiday lights from your phone with the AppLights 24-Light Multi-Color Icicle String Set. Turn them off, on or change the color/effect—there are more than 140 different options.


starting at $69.99

Clip one of these lenses on your phone’s camera and prepare to amaze your IG followers with eye-catching shots. Options include fish eye, wide angle, macro, telephoto and others. Gotta say, this has been super cool to play with and I especially love the macro mode.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp


Bring a little pixelated nostalgia into your home with the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp. This 8-inch tall lamp charges by USB and changes 16 different colors. Switch it to Party Mode to make the colors change according to your tunes.


Vaiden Astronaut Tech

starting at $30

Originally engineered for astronauts, technology is integrated into this athletic gear to keep you warm, reduce odors, wick moisture, dry quickly and more. Plus, it’s lightweight, stretchy and super comfy.

Canon Powershot G9X

starting at $499

A camera that fits in your pocket and takes professional-level shots! Great detail, and with built-in Wi-Fi you can upload your shots ASAP. Plus, it has continuous shooting speeds of up to six frames a second, so you won’t miss a thing. Comes with 1.0-inch CMOS sensor and 3X optical zoom lens.

PureGear Roll-On Screen Shield Kit


Who knew applying a roll-on screen shield could be fun? PureGear protection is super thin, scratch resistant and shatter-safe.

Rechargeable Heated Scarf


Keep warm on those crazy cold days with a rechargeable heated scarf! This soft, microfleece, battery operated scarf, which lasts up to five hours on a charge, has three settings and a built-in thermostat to regulate the temp.

prices vary ~ $15

For a unique gift how about getting some special their own custom LEGO minifig! Great for profile icons!

Perfect365 App


Interested in a holiday makeover? With Perfect365 you can tweak your digital photos for a flawless complexion or learn expert makeup tips that fit your face and complement your colors.

Ogio All Elements Pack


This is the perfect gift for the diver in your life. I’m obsessed with mine! It has backpack straps, convenient pockets, it’s waterproof and so comfortable you’ll forget it’s there.

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses


Love these! Musical notes line the sides of the glasses, so you can fill the glass to “A” or “C,” dampen a finger, rub it along the top and make music between sips. Set includes two glasses.

Jura Impressa A9


Become a barista in your own home, and craft lattes with the touch of a button. The Jura Impressa A9’s grinds, preps and foams to perfection. The elegant machine looks professional even when it’s not in use.


Apple Watch

starting at $349

I am obsessed with my Apple Watch, which I use as an activity tracker, to control my music, to pay for my coffee and so much more. Give this as a gift and you’ll win this holiday season!

Air 2 CSBT-311 Wireless Floating Sound 4.0 Bluetooth HD Speaker

starting at $105.99

Been in love with this since I saw it at CES earlier this year. The speaker floats, thanks to magnets, and the sound is phenomenal.