Starting at $59.95

You take your smartphone with you everywhere you go. All the bacteria you touch throughout the day, from grocery carts to doorknobs, are transferred and stored onto the device you use the most. PhoneSoap’s UV-C light technology kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria and keeps your phone charged all at the same time.


Star Wars R2-D2 AC / USB Power Station


It might be wise to use the Force, but the Force ain't going to charge your gadgets. Instead power them with this little R2 unit. In this case, we're talking about the power of (you guessed it) electricity. 

This Star Wars R2-D2 AC / USB Power Station plugs into a Type B socket (US Standard) and in exchange provides 4 Type B sockets (US Standard) and 2 USB ports (2.1A and 1.0A). Just plug your gadgets and cables (AC or USB-powered) into one of these power strips, and they'll be ready to smuggle the plans to the Death Star quicker than you can say, "Help me, Obi Wan." Or, you know, after they get done charging.


Sound Caddy Bluetooth Golf Speaker


A fantastic gift for dads and grads! This Bluetooth speaker is designed to fit right inside your golf bag with your clubs.  Use the attached tee spike to fit right into the golf tee holder on the dash of your cart, or use the ground spike to take your tunes directly to the tee box! Weather resistant, with 10 hours of battery life and two bonus USB ports to charge devices. Note—the shaft is removable for storage.


$9.95 per month

Everyone loves the real theater experience, but sometimes it is just too expensive. The co-founder of Netflix created MoviePass, a service that provides one movie ticket every day! Sounds too good to be true, right? Disclaimer, they do analyze customer data, which keeps the subscription price low. The network includes over 4,000 theaters and over 36,000 screens nationwide, so there is likely to be a location near you.


ProShot Touch - Camera iPhone Case


This case provides hardcore underwater protection for an iPhone. It is waterproof and shatterproof — perfect for capturing deep-sea memories or just on a super rainy day without jeopardizing your phone. With the companion app you can control the camera virtually, though I prefer to use it just like a regular phone, which is even easier!


Marvel Groot USB Charger


For a character who says the same three words, exclusively, in the same order, for an entire movie, it's hard to imagine being as upset as we were when he switched up JUST ONE of them and sacrificed himself for the rest of the team. It was heartwrenching. But the scene that came in the credits made it all worth it. Cute lil' mini Groot dancing around to a classic song? Sold. We'll take ten.

Have your phone charge to the cutest little floral colossus this side of the galaxy. The Marvel Groot USB Charger features the little guy in his tiny pot dancing around while he charges your phone or any other compatible device. Groot will stay nice and safe inside your cup holder, so, luckily, he won't need to make the ultimate sacrifice just so your phone doesn't die.


Waterproof Speaker


Speaker Creatures are wireless Bluetooth speakers specifically designed for the shower, but so portable and amusing, you’ll want to use them everywhere. Made in quirky snail and octopus shapes with water-resistant silicone, they provide the back up music, so you can sing along and sound better than ever.


Urb-E Folding Electric Vehicle

Starting at $899

This high-tech bike is perfect for the urban commuter. It is super lightweight at 30 lbs., easy to maneuver and best of all it folds up easily to go onto a bus or a taxi. Much faster than walking, it has speeds up to 14 mph and a single charge that will last up to 16 miles.


Hyperice Vyper 2.0


As you get older, you start to realize that pre-and post-workout are just as important as the actual run. This device helps your muscles to warm up and recover. Referred to the “Tesla of Foam Rollers,” Vyper 2.0 is a powerful vibrating foam roller coveted by professional athletes. It reduces muscle soreness and stiffness for better exercise recovery.




This high-grade drone is small, but powerful. Sleek and compact, a traveler’s dream drone, it has technological upgrades with decreased aircraft noise and extended flight time. As a drone user for many years, I’m pretty amazed by how simple and smooth this one is to fly! As you can imagine the quality is pretty darn amazing too. Take advantage of flight modes like, Follow Me,” – where you can create your own personal paparazzi.


Astronaut Your Average Light


Set your decor into orbit with the clever addition of this astronaut light! Poised atop a bendable wire for easy positioning, supported by a moon-shaped base, and powered by your choice of a USB cable or batteries, this quirky lamp will prompt you explore the depths of your unique interior design perspective.


myCharge Hubplus 6700 Portable Charger


myCharge has the best looking and most versatile charging options for smartphones, tablets and other USB devices. The HubPlus model provides up to 6x extra battery life and built in lightning and micro USB cables. It also includes a wall prong for an easy recharge anywhere there is an outlet.




This device’s compact, spherical shape provides localized vibration therapy for those harder to reach muscle groups. Keeping the body's soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) loose is essential for optimal flexibility and range of motion. Made for arms, legs, the lower back you name it!


Lemon California Roll Solar Powered Speaker


The Lemon is the first solar powered speaker with excellent 3D sound quality that is both waterproof and temperature proof. The speakers integrate nine NASA grade solar cells, which trap sunlight within the panels and then turn it into power. Seven hours of sun is equal to about 15 hours of music. The speaker has Bluetooth capability up to 100 feet or a standard auxiliary port and cable. Sound quality is top notch.


MyCoreControl Heated Jacket

Starting at $199.95

These jackets use amazing technology that is perfect for the hardcore outdoorsy person. Rather than the old-school style of applying a heating pad to the core, MyCore regulates the body temperature through the human circulatory system. It heats the blood at the wrist pulse points, and then the blood flows through the body and the heart to raise the overall core body temperature. Each jacket is equipped with two lithium batteries that have three heat settings, all controlled with one little button. Choose from a wide selection of activewear options from hunting and skiing to casual wear. This is my go-to jacket for Iceland winter visits!



So easy to use, these wireless ear phones connect via Bluetooth with a very simple, one-step set up. People always ask me 1) how is the sound quality 2) do they stay in my ears?  I’m an intense runner and the answer is “Yes!” You can see in my Instagram videos that they do indeed stay put and also the sound quality is great. Just make sure to put them back in the case after you use them, as they are small and easy to lose!Constructed with a special “Apple W1 chip” they have optimum sound quality and sound recognition so they know when you’re talking and when you’re listening, and adjust appropriately.




This 360-degree camera is one of the easiest on the market to use and really gives a vantage point of the full environment around you in either still shots or video. Just stand stationary, point and shoot. Take advantage of streaming live or simply upgrading that Facebook post with 360 immersion.

4’ Illuminated NFL Lawn Helmet


Become a neighborhood hero with décor that celebrates your favorite team! This helmet is colossal and fully illuminated. Made of a durable polyester, it is weather resistant and comes with three stakes to keep it in place during any inclement weather. Everyone driving by will know exactly who you are rooting for!


oculus Rift


For a highly immersive and intense VR experience, Oculus is a clear leader in the industry. Oculus Powered by Intel, this VR headset showcase the next level of entertainment. From movies, to video games, to walking a tightrope between two buildings – you’ll feel like you are really there during these transformative VR experiences.



Starting at $13.99

Many runners leave the house with zero identifying information. Play it safe with these easy to wear, unobtrusive ID’s. They come in a variety of styles from wristbands to necklaces. One of the most creative options is made for the Apple Watch and just slides right over the band.


SIMPLY PIANO APP for iPhone/iPad


$59.99 for a 3-month subscription

One of my absolute favorite apps for both children and adults. Learn to play the piano on your own time (without the expensive instructor). This app helps you learn the basics from reading music to playing a song. Difficulty levels range from beginner to pro. Just load on an iPad and prop it up your keyboard. The app provides detailed instruction and guides you with real time feedback. You can learn to play top songs from Bruno Mars to Owl City to The Beatles.

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Take your holiday beer pong game up a notch with this robotic cup holder. It increases the level of difficulty because now the cups move, spin and change directions. Even if the game gets heated, rest assured that the edge sensing technology will keep the bot from falling off the table.


Apple TV

Starting $149

Some people can feel intimated by Apple TV, but it’s actually incredibly easy to install and operate. Connect to thousands of movies, shows and favorites like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. Rest assured, even if you are not super techy, the purchase comes with 24/7 technical support.



30-day free trial ($20 per month)

So many people, who want to play the guitar, start and quit after just a few lessons. Fender is a unique educational system that can help you learn how to play the guitar virtually with world class instructors. With a special “Micro learning” system this app uses the “Hear It, Learn It, Play It” philosophy to keep new learners motivated. No long boring music theories, and you get to play top songs in a matter of minutes. (I bought two of these subscriptions already!) Choose your preferred track from Rock, Pop, Blues, Country or Folk and get up to speed playing your first song in minutes. 



Pioneer Rayz Rally Lightning Powered Conference Speaker


Ever sit down to an important conference call and then feel panic when the speaker sounds like an ancient AM radio? This state-of-the-art conference speaker is small enough to fit in a pocket, but has impeccable power and sound quality. It is compatible with all Apple devices and is “Lightening Powered” via the device so no battery or charger is necessary. With its simple set-up and one button functionality – rest assured there will be no more last-minute scrambling or frantically calling IT!


HP Powerup Backpack


Great for students or frequent travelers, this award-winning canvas backpack from HP prevents any power down fails. It has a built-in battery, tucked right inside the back-pack, to charge up your smart phone, tablet or laptop. The battery is routed through a streamlined cable to eliminate tangles and is powerful enough to recharge a smartphone up to ten times!

Vibra Cool Vibrating Ice-Pack Pain Reliever


Developed by an Emergency Department doctor, this reusable device provides pain relief through two different mechanisms: cool therapy to decrease inflammation and vibration to stimulate blood flow. Use after exercise to boost recovery, or set to just the vibration mode prior to exercise to warm up tight muscles.



Starting at $49 per month

Clinical research indicates that social connection is a very important component of longevity. It’s heartbreaking to know that millions of older seniors, who didn’t grow up with technology, are so close to connectivity, but feel intimidated. Grandpad is a unique system of hardware and software that makes it exceptionally easy to digitally connect with loved ones. Just hit the large buttons on the tablet to video chat, share photos or send an email. The month-to-month membership is all encompassing with 24/7 access to customer service experts.


JAM Fusion Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


I love my Apple Airpods, but also have been obsessed with these headphones for over five years.  If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of more traditional over the ear Bluetooth headphones, I highly recommend these. The rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of uninterrupted play. I’ve run a half marathon and a 10k in them and bought over ten pairs as gifts.

Sleep Shepherd Blue

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Science constantly reminds us how critical a good night's sleep is – and yet millions of Americans continue to struggle at getting enough ZZs. Sleep Shepherd Blue helps you to fall asleep using soothing binaural tones. Then once you are asleep it helps to track and analyze your sleep in real-time with brainwave sensors and biometric feedback. You can use this data to retrain your body to get the most optimal night's sleep.