Get Digitally Savvy with Capital One (and win an Amazon Echo!)


Hello and welcome – to the Jetson’s era.

Here I am in my apartment all by myself and I just finished asking out loud, “Alexa, ask Capital One, when is my credit card payment is due?” No, I haven’t gone crazy (yet). Instead, I am using a new example of how I leverage technology to easily access my information in real-time. Amazon’s Echo has a friendly robotic voice assistant inside the device named Alexa, who can help me to get answers on anything ranging from the current weather, news or currency conversion. Heck I can even play Jeopardy with Alexa or ask her for a compliment on demand! But recently Alexa’s practical financial account management assistance left my mom, a former credit counselor, impressed – I showed her a trick that even she didn’t know!

(P.S. you could also be a lucky winner and impress people with your OWN Echo – see below!)

Now, if you’re a Capital One customer, you can manage all of your accounts – from credit cards to bank accounts to home and auto loans – using nothing but your voice with the Capital One Skill for Alexa. Talk about banking reimagined! From the comfort of my couch and without cracking open a laptop, I can ask Alexa to pay my credit card, check my account balance, remind me of when my next bill is due, or make a payment on my home or auto loan. I can even get a run-down of my recent transactions, and set up a personal key for an extra layer of security.

Like any good assistant, Alexa keeps me organized and helps me stay on top of my finances. Once I enable the skill, I can ask her all sorts of questions, like:


  • “Alexa, what’s my account balance?”
  • “When’s my next car payment due?”
  • “How much more until my motorcycle is paid off?”
  • “Make a mortgage payment.”
  • “Alexa, pay my credit card.”
  • “What’s the principal balance on my home loan?”


You can certainly read more about the features here. In the meantime, I’m gonna let my mom know I paid my credit card just by asking Alexa for a little help. Best part is I didn’t even have to get off the couch.

And if you’re feeling lucky you could be the next @AmazonEcho winner! Capital One is giving away hundreds of Echo devices, so you can try the Capital One skill for yourself! Check out the rules and enter the Capital One giveaway .

No purchase necessary, get more information on the rules here.