Upgrade Your NFL Tailgating Makeup

It’s official. NFL season (and fantasy season!) are in full swing. Whether you’re looking forward to the freezing games in Buffalo or the laid-back tailgates in Oakland, we’ve put together four time-lapse videos of NFL-themed makeup. Each was created with the unique products listed below.

Oakland Raiders
Fantasy Look Name: The Casual Black Hole

Products used: Viseart Neutral Palette, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, Ben Nye Silver Glitter, Kryolan Aquacolors in Silver and Black

Philadelphia Eagles
Fantasy Look Name: Flyaways Eagles Fly

Products used: Strobe Cosmetics Shadows in Alchemy and Azura, Kryolan Aquacolors in White & Green & Glamour Sparks Powder in Green

Buffalo Bills
Fantasy Look Name: Shout for Crimpers

Products used: Viseart Dark Mattes Palette, Berrisom Oops! Lip Tint in Virgin, Kryolan Aquacolors in Red, White & Blue

Los Angeles Rams
Fantasy Look Name: Why So Jerious?

Products used: Viseart Dark Mattes, Sugarpill Loose Shadow in Goldiluxe, Kryolan Aquacolors in Gold and Navy

Complete the look with some Ed Hochuli nail art! Nail artist Emi Aoki designed and painted these personally for Katie.