Give Mother’s Day an upgrade to Mother’s Day 2.0!

I’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life. Here, you’ll find items that fit the interests of all kinds of moms—workout warriors, fashion fanatics, traveling fiends, cooks and others.

Read on, and watch my TV segments on TODAY Show, Fox and Friends and HLN for additional mom ideas in May and throughout the year.

Happy Shopping,


Flip Belt with Million Mile Light

$28.99 and $22.99,

Flip Belt lets you carry your phone, keys, ID, credit cards, cash and even a light around your waist. The battery-free, Million Mile Light is powered by your movement, keeping you safe and visible on night runs, walks and rides.



This one-piece elegant, handmade stoneware strainer has a drip catcher and a spout so you can rinse and drain your berries in one fell swoop!





Mount the Ring Video Doorbell by your door and you can use the app on your phone to view and speak with whomever is outside. It’s a safe way of monitoring your front porch, whether you’re home or away (works with iOS and Android).




No more melted lipsticks and hot sunscreen, just freeze these fashionable bags and they double as coolers for up to seven hours (comes in multiple colors and zebra print). Great for beach and lake outings.





Full disclosure: I was so impressed with this company that I started doing work with them. You’ll understand why if you check out this sleep tracker/soft sleep headband or hat that actually helps lull you to sleep by playing biofeedback tones customized to your own brainwaves. At the same time, it tracks and analyzes your sleep and is far more accurate than the kind of sleep tracker you wear on your wrist. You’ll see that, firsthand, when the alarm goes off and you’re bright eyed and ready for the day (it awakens you gradually, according to your sleep stage, helping you avoid a groggy morning). Michael Larson, a mechanical engineering professor at University of Colorado who earned his Ph.D. in engineering from M.I.T., invented this wearable device for his daughter, who was suffering from sleep issues. So far, Sleep Shepherd Blue, which is available for pre-order, has raised nearly $700,000 on Kickstarter. And it’s just getting started.


starting at $39.99 (elite version available)

Transform fruit into a delectable frozen dessert! With no added sugar, fruit tastes like soft serve with Yonanas (comes with a recipe book that has 130-plus dessert ideas).

Nite Beams LED Athletic Wear

starting at $20

Keep mom safe on her night runs with Nite Beams. These hats, arm bands, shoe laces, belts, vests and other products (including a pet leash!) have LED lights that will keep her visible even from a quarter-mile away.

F’lint Travel Size Lint Roller


Stay lint-free on the road with this sleek, portable lint roller (comes in multiple colors). Each roll has 30 sheets and refills are $4.95.


starting at $49

With Flatterbox, the whole family can submit messages about what mom means to them, and those kind words are presented together in a beautiful box. (Prepare for the waterworks!)



Olyve and Posy Box

starting at $30

Check out the future of flower delivery! Posy lets you choose the flowers, the wrap, the box and even add a personal touch with a video or photo message, while Olyve offers super artsy arrangements like you’ve never seen.  and

Wine and Beverage Dispensing Tote


Mix up some margaritas and take them along with you! This stylish tote has an interior bag and spout for easy beverage dispensing, and plenty of room to carry all the accouterments (limes, salt, cups, etc.).

Personalized Lollipops

starting at $29.90 per set of 10

Design your own lolli with a photo and message or choose from the beautiful, artful options on the site, like planets, “Best Mom,” hearts and others. Flavors include cola, marshmallow, pineapple, bubble gum, pear and others and turnaround is quick!


starting at $110

For the mom who loves to cook, adopt an olive tree! She’ll get info about that Italian tree along with three liters of olive oil from the adopted tree and its neighbors. I love giving this gift and hearing that people renewed their subscription!

Packable High Chair


This high chair is as collapsible as a camping chair, and just as lightweight. Supports kids 35 to 50 pounds.


Cloud B Sleep Giraffe, FoX, FROG and Owl

starting at $27.95

Parents rave about these plushies, for their soothing sounds that transport kid to la-la-land. With a variety to choose from, the stuffed animals don’t just help kids get to sleep, they also entertain them when they wake up.

Blooming Bath


Made from soft fabric, with no hard edges, Blooming Bath fits in the sink or tub and makes bath time super comfy for baby. When the bath is done, just pop the bright flower in the dryer and it’s ready for next time (0 to 6 months).

Kinsa Ear Thermometer


Quick, gentle and recommended by pediatricians, Kinsa takes a one-second temp reading and transmits it to an app on your phone so you can keep a record for the doctor, if needed.

4moms Infant Tub


With the 4moms Infant Tub, the dirty water continually drains out so your baby can enjoy a clean bath, from start to finish—just fit it into your double or single kitchen sink. Bonus: the digital thermometer lets you know when the water is just right.

Automatic Handbag Illuminator


Consider your keys, mints, wallet and phone found with this light that shines in your purse when your hand approaches. Two AAA batteries included.



Personalized makeup is finally here! With MATChCo, just scan your face with the free app and a customized blend will be made just for your skin tone.


starting at $29.99

“Versatile” is the word with Sholdit, a scarf that has pockets and actually folds into a clutch purse. It’s great for holding passports/ money/ phone while traveling!

Lay-n-go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag

starting at $29.95

This bag makes travel with makeup so much easier. Just toss your products on flat surface, pull the string and you’re good to go! Do the reverse at your hotel—loosen the string and lay it flat—and you’ll never have to dig for the mascara again.


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

starting at $29

Keep the sound of your baby’s heartbeat near you, always, with My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. Each stuffed animal (choose among giraffe, hippo, monkey, sheep, bear and more) comes with a recorder, which you can take to your ultrasound appointment, capture the heartbeat and then place inside the toy.

The Brighter Foldaway Vanity Mirror


Impressive magnification (12X on one side, 1X on the other), bright LED lighting and portability make this collapsible mirror perfect for the home or for traveling. Includes four AA batteries.