Edible Appetizer Spoon Maker


Create fun summer treats, perfect for gatherings! This gadget makes edible spoons in just minutes for both sweet and savory treats. There are dough recipes included or  it also works with your favorite grocery store biscuit dough. I created my own edible spoons beautifully topped with strawberries, whip cream and chocolate chips to the delight of my niece and nephew.


Ring Video DoorBell


This is the most popular doorbell for a reason – it’s easy to use. Ring connects with your smartphone allowing you to see, hear and talk to whomever is at your door from anywhere at any time. Never miss another package delivery!




Starting at $499.99

Give someone the gift of healthy living. This gadget takes juicing up to the next level. It is compact, easy to use and really squeezes out every last bit of juice from fruits and vegetables. I enjoyed trying it out with my niece and nephew. They watched in awe as the fresh juice poured out, and their mom felt equally awed as they drank every last bit! 


Chapman Volcano Waffle Maker


This waffle maker has a unique volcano-like top spout that allows you to place the perfect amount of batter right into the machine –so there is no more mess. It’s compact and does not take up a lot of counter space, but still makes a nice sized, crispy waffle. A great gift idea for those who are little “cooking challenged.”



Clevermade Folding Storage

Starting at $14.99

Sturdy and attractive these baskets and storage bins have a million uses at home. The ingenious part happens when you are done toting and carrying -- they completely fold down and take up minimal space. Use them to bring home groceries or pack up all the kid’s sporting gear! Ultimately, they decrease home clutter, which is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.


Yeti Customized Ramblers

Starting at $29.99

This is the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy for man in your life. Made with kitchen grade stainless steel, the Rambler is hard-core puncture and rust resistant. It also has a double wall vacuum insulation that genuinely keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It comes in a range of sizes and now can even be personalized with customize designs, monograms or free text (i.e. #1 Grandpa).  



Cirkul Adjustable Flavor Water Bottle

Starting at $30

This is a great gift for an environmentally conscious friend. Did you know that more than 250 billion water bottles end up in the trash every year? Cirkul adds a kick to your average reusable water bottle with a special cartridge that adds a subtle fruit flavor, vitamins, electrolytes and/or caffeine. Just turn the dial for own personalized level of flavor.


Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router

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The perfect gift? Year round peace of mind! With its unique design, the Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router might be the first router you ever want to display! It is built to maximize wi-fi throughout your home but goes further than that. With the influx of connected devices entering the home these days (from smart thermostats to Amazon Echo to baby monitors) it protects your entire home network against cybercriminals trying to steal your most personal information. Bonus: an easy app is at your fingertips to see what’s happening and get your home’s “security score”, etc. even when you’re on the go.


Flick Candles


Give the gift of a little humor and sarcasm! Just reading down this company’s list of candle options is hilarious. Some favorite fragrances from their “Fake Smile Collection” include: "Freshly Signed Divorce Papers" and "Retraining Order Ocean Breeze."



Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker

Starting at $49.99

Do you know someone who likes to sneak a bowl of ice cream after dinner? This gadget turns bananas and other fruit into a delicious, healthy ice cream alternative. It is so easy to use. Just load frozen fruit and watch as the creamy soft-serve swirls out. 


Star Wars Stormtrooper or Darth Vader Media Chair


If you are looking for a higher end, WOW gift, look no further! Imagine bringing the intensity of the Imperial Army right into your own living room for the holidays. These chairs are not only character inspired, but also include a built in Bluetooth audio system and other tech features to take your video gaming or movie experience up that next level.



Outdoor LED Projector


For any diehard NFL fan this is the ultimate statement of loyalty. This football shaped projector plugs in to AC and is easily staked into the ground. Instantly six massive team logos appear on your home up to 25' feet away at 40' tall.


Bedgear Bed in a Box


This high-tech mattress has special technology that measures air flow, helps promote ventilation and decreases excessive moisture and heat. It also uses a reactive technology that adapts to your movement and provides support for the most comfortable night’s sleep. The coolest thing about giving a Bedgear mattress is its presentation. It arrives in a small compact box, then as soon you open it up it expands into a full-size mattress.



Bruer: Cold Brew Coffee Maker


For those who enjoy a cold brew year-round, this gadget brings the brewing process right into your home, office, or anywhere else. The Bruer slowly filters cold water through ground coffee—no electricity or heat needed –so you can make full bodied iced coffee that tastes like it came from the cafe.