Color Wonder Mess Free Magic Light Brush


Parents will love this because its mess-free, kids will love being able to be creative and paint anywhere with a fun light up brush!


Anglerfish Light-Up Plush - Exclusive


The anglerfish is mysterious, but this adorable plush is nothing to be afraid of! They have an adorable LED light that glows, just like a real anglerfish!


Giant Inflatable Wheel


Schools out for the summer and this colorful, giant inflatable will keep the kids busy with endless hours of outdoor fun! It’s fun to play with both on land and also in the water.


Bruder Toys

Starting at $20

Classic and durable kids love these cars and trucks that stand the test of time. The Bruder collection encourages imagination, as kids can immerse themselves in vocational role play as a farmer, a logger or a construction worker.



Starting at $24.99

Magformers take brick building blocks into the 21st century. These magnetic blocks allow children to create structures with magnets, motors and sensors. Build a log cabin, a walking robot or even a circular UFO!



Starting at $8

Bring out your children’s inner urban engineer with this ingenious tape that will enable them to create their own road and highway systems. Printed just like a real road, the tape is available in both straight and curvy options. It sticks to any flat surface, is easy to tear (no scissors required) and removes without any residue. It’s a perfect toy to pack for a visit with friends or grandparents –sure to keep the kids busy for hours.



Starting at $24.99

This is a gift that will get kids away from their tablets and engaged in creative play. These colorful building blocks have a special design that allows them to fit together, so that kids can make amazing 3D objects like a house, an animal or a truck.


Groovies Kids Headphones with Safe Sound and Sharelink™


Traveling with kids who want to use their tablets or play video games? Having headphones is a must! Kenu Groovies have an 85dB Safe Sound limit to keep young ears safe! Kids can also practice sharing using the Sharelink™ port.


Elodie Unicorn Diffuser


This cute unicorn diffuser puts on a light show with a fun multi-colored LED light bulb. Don’t worry, she has an auto shut off, so she can fall asleep when your child does!


Dolce Plush Toys

Starting at $29.99

Dolce stands for: Develop, Observe, Learn, Create and Educate. Their line of plush toys are specially designed for the early learner, who is exploring his or her environment. These adorable, colorful animals have sensory fabrics, mirrors and other activities to keep kids interested. Some even come equiped with a signature Dolce teether—how smart!


Brackitz Building Blocks

Starting at $19.99

These high-tech blocks will inspire the next engineer or architect. A step beyond basic building blocks, Brackitz create gravity defying 3D structures. They even have a building set that includes pullies, strings and a crank so kids can design their own elevators, zipline or even a drawbridge.




This umbrella will literally brighten up your day! It has 8 multicolor LED lights, as well as a fun surprise pattern that appears when the rain hits!


TwinkleBright® LED Noah's Ark Canvas


An adorable personalized gift for your little one. A personalized canvas with an illuminated background powered by a remote control.


Osmo Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends

Starts at $19.00

Kids already love Osmo and Disney, now bring them together with the Super Studio! Kids will learn how to draw Mickey and his friends in a fun immersive way!


GUND Goodnight Prayer Bear Interactive Stuffed Animal


An adorable addition to your child’s bedtime routine. Goodnight Prayer Bear recites “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep,” “The Our Father” and “Lord Hear My Prayer", and plays “Jesus Loves Me" for five minutes before shutting off automatically.


Zubits magnetic shoe laces

Starting at $19.99

Zubits are magic magnets that replace shoelaces. They are the perfect gift to help moms and dads save a little time in the morning. These heavy-duty magnets stay closed during rigorous activity, but easily pop open when kids are ready to take off their shoes. Simply secure to the laces and they’re ready to go!


Wild Republic Huggers


Huggers are 8” soft, loveable little animals, who hug you back. Specially designed with gentle snap bands, they can connect to a child’s arm, backpack or stroller. Special favorites include the sloth, the bat and even a T Rex!


Happy Atoms, Digital and Physical Chemistry Sets

Starting at $59.95

Geared toward the middle-school aged child, these sets are a fun way to get children interested in chemistry. The set includes plastic atoms that connect in real space and time with magnets to form molecules. Next, download the app, so that the kids can scan their molecular creation to virtually discover the chemical creation that they made.


Beasts of Balance


We sat at the kitchen table playing this game together for hours. It’s like augmented reality meets Jenga. Players gently stack a variety of animals and elements from a warthog and an eagle to fire and air, but be careful not to knock down the pile. With the interactive app, as you strategically stack, you also learn about the crazy new species that you created. This game is innovative, as it mixes both the physical and the digital worlds, and now you can even play it on Apple TV!


Curiscope Virtuali-Tee


My sister, who is a nurse, used this AR program to teach young students about the human body. Download the app with an Iphone or Ipad, and then scan the T shirt. Children can magically see “inside their body” with a virtual tour of their human anatomy including organs, bones and blood vessels. Perfect for the aspiring nurse or doctor!