Gadget of the Day

Katie's pick for Gadget of the Day is The Simply Piano App by JoyTunes! Learn to play the piano with this unique app. I've recommended this to all piano levels! Use the app on your smartphone or tablet, it gives instruction and listens while you play along on the piano or keyboard, and gives real time feedback.

I am a huge fan of heated gear. I have a heated jacket, scarf and have been curious about these gloves. For the past four days I've been testing these in EXTREME elements overnight in the North Pole of Alaska, while filming the Northern Lights. They are definitely a solid investment! They feature three different temperature settings and fit tight enough to allow for mobility. They never felt "too hot" just kept my hands temperature regulated.

Hands on demo of the brand new Nintendo Switch! Live at Toy Fair New York!
I wasn't sure about this gadget! I've been testing out Cirkul for the past two months and it's become one of my simple but favorite little gadgets. Now I take it with me even on all my travels. I love the taste of the flavors especially the sweet tea and lemon.
An augmented reality t-shirt that shows the inner workings of the body. It's true! My sister, who is a nurse, used this AR and t-shirt combo to teach her son's class about the human body. Simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet and then scan the t-shirt to see anatomy come to life.
Katie Linendoll reviews the Hover Helmet - which uses magnetic levitation making the helmet appear like it is floating in mid air!
‪This past week in travels had me in extreme temperatures🌡❄️ My gadget of the day @saltcases kept my iPhone battery protected w/ space certified technology! ..🔋📱..❄️..🚀..☀️..🔌.. #tech #science...
Gadget of Day from KOWaterGames.com - Soak 'n' Wet Dunk Booth Adult and kid version available. set up time about 10 minutes for adult version. I was looking for a dunking booth for a gadget segment I was putting together for TODAY Show but quickly realized how expensive they are!


In a recent trip to Fairbanks, Alaska Katie Linendoll was invited to a Canon Workshop focused on photographing the Northern Lights with Canon Explorer of Light Ken Sklute. Katie shares everything a beginner needs including: photo tips, location, how to capture video, the best heated gear and more.


Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy this fun take on Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - WWE style! We thought it would be fun to naturally incorporate 12 months of select PPVs. :-P Special thanks to my awesome team helping me put this together: Lyrics: John Huerta + Katie Linendoll Videographer + Editor: Jade Merritt Piano: Rob Schiffmann Hair + Makeup: Alicia Oliveri


Katie Linendoll, Ashley Eckstein, & Chewbacca test drive the new LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pedicab in the streets of NYC! It took 20,300 bricks and 396 man hours to create!! May the 4th be with you!

2017 Katie Linendoll Productions, LLC We hope you enjoy this rendition of "The Rising Sun" entrance theme of Shinsuke Nakamura WWE/NXT Superstar. This was inspired after watching violinist Lee England Jr. perform this at the NXT TakeOver in Brooklyn. The arena was lit!

I was honored to work with Carrier, the inventors of modern air conditioning, throughout 2018.  Not only did we work on some "cool" projects ;) but perhaps the "coolest" of all was witnessing their extensive generosity to Habit for Humanity. Take a look at just a snapshot of the work they did to install 500! units to habit homes throughout the summer months. An installation that will be appreciated for many, many years to come.

Katie reviews the Ripples PM, a fun gadget that personalizes your favorite beverage! In just seconds have a logo, quote or image of choice printed on your beverage. Ripples has an am and pm version so accommodated coffee drinks as well as beer and cocktails.
The Nintendo Switch has arrived to opening weekend record breaking US sales. Katie Linendoll chats with Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime about games, Netflix, virtual reality and the past twelve months of Nintendo unveils.
The Batcole Foundation was founded in loving memory of Cole, who passed away from neuroblastoma when he was only 11 years old. It's mission is to improve the overall experience of cancer care for patients and their families. Virtual reality is a big focus for the foundation proving a successful resource as distraction technology.
A quick review after a few days testing the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. Stay tuned and subscribe as I'll be loading more beauty tech gadgets starting this week!!
Check out the new Memoji feature for iOS12! Create your own little avatar of yourself and send with cool effects in your text messages!
Tech Expert Katie Linendoll sits with improv genius Rob Schiffmann for a musical review of the iPhone X.
The Batcole Foundation was founded in loving memory of Cole, who passed away from neuroblastoma, a form of pediatric cancer, when he was only 11 years old. The foundation's mission is to improve the overall experience of cancer care for patients and their families.
Katie sits with her pal Lexie to show her paparazzi proof clothing from BetaBrand. Simply take a picture (with flash on!) and it blows out the camera using specialized reflective fabric and glass nanospheres.
Time to chat my favorite feature: depth control. This is one camera feature that is a true stand out and is unique to the trifecta lineup of TENs thanks to the new A12 chip. This function allows you to adjust the aperture without effecting the exposure.
I had the exclusive first look at Barbie's new 2018 Career of the Year Doll, meet Barbie Robotics Engineer! I was so excited to showcase the new Career of the Year Barbie! I have been working in partnership with Mattel to make this STEM announcement.
It is bittersweet for us to present this video on behalf of the Batcole Foundation. The foundation was founded in loving memory of Cole, who passed away from neuroblastoma when he was only 11 years old. Our mission is to improve the overall experience of cancer care for patients and their families.
Katie Linendoll and Sam Roberts outtakes for Popular Science at Maker Faire 2015
This was a video filmed for Mens Journal video footage: Katie Linendoll Productions, LLC
This was a video Sam and I filmed for Sports Illustrated Katie Linendoll Productions LLC 2016