“We can’t just tell females to go into science, math, and technology...we must SHOW THEM what they could be doing!” - Katie

Katie started coding at the age of 12, earned her networking certification in high school, and then went on to graduate with a degree in ”IT New Media” from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

“I was into tech well before it was cool!” - Katie


STEM is a very popular topic right now, one that Katie has been passionate about for her entire life.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Katie enjoys being a role model in STEM, encouraging the next generation of girls and boys about the endless possibilities for their future. Not only is she passionate about speaking to the next generation about careers in computers and engineering, but she is adamant about showing them what that means through hands-on projects such as launching a rocket to space, making graphics for a favorite video game, or perhaps even building a new robot.

Katie enjoys speaking at both the university and corporate level on the importance of STEM and how to integrate it into children’s lives. She is also regularly invited to discuss STEM on the airwaves and often showcases fun tech gadget ideas.

Katie has worked with various brands on STEM initiatives such as the following:

Katie’s mission is to get more girls and young women interested in STEM careers, and she is available to both speak or write on this important topic.