.wtf is up with all these new not-com extensions?

Photo: Name.Kitchen

Photo: Name.Kitchen

Yeah, we’re all familiar with .com, .net and .org. But what about .pizza, .productions,  and even, yes, .wtf as a domain extension? These are the cool new kids in town, and the options seem endless. They’re known as “not-coms.”

You’re going to see a lot of not-coms popping up on billboards, online ads and business cards. And, hey, if you follow me you might already be familiar with a couple of them, like my own sites, katie.show and katie.gifts. (For someone who’s been domain hoarding since I was in my teens, this is an exciting development!)

We all know a name carries a ton of weight for a brand. It’s the first impression you leave. It’s your identity. But how do you even begin to choose—and secure—that name?

There’s help, and it comes in the form of Name.Kitchen. I recently started working with this business because I love the services it offers, from helping companies come up with meaningful, memorable names to sharing advice on how to brand yourself and more.

To get up to speed on the new domain names, check out the latest post by Google’s small business team. It provides a great not-com 101 and can help you figure out your next step in buying your favorite online identity (or identities).

Google Goes On The Record: Yes, You Will Be Found Online With ‘Not-Com’ Domains http://goo.gl/DUwi4s

Posted by Name.Kitchen on Thursday, December 10, 2015

I went the not-com route because the creative domain extensions better express what my sites are all about. Why would I want a generic .com when I can opt for .anything? With my sites at .gifts and .show, I’m able to distinguish my brand, express my creativity and demonstrate that, as a tech expert, I’m on top of the latest trends. In other words, I walk the walk.

As one of the leaders in unique URLs, Name.Kitchen can help you do the same. In the next few months I’ll be writing several blog posts on not-coms to fill you in on how these new URLs can impact businesses branding, and how it’s relevant to my business, your business and everyday consumers. I’ll also give you more insights into domain hoarding (it’s not just a hobby, it’s an entire industry!) and share my research on some of the best and most creative not-coms on the web.

So now it’s your turn, sound off! What is a unique URL you want to own? You can click here for some inspiration. And sorry in advance—all the Katie dots are pretty much taken ;) Gotta be quick to the draw, people!