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Tech trends for 2017: Personalized 3-D avatar, smart photographing eyewear and more

Katie Linendoll, host of the tech podcast “,” previews next year’s tech trends, from futuristic devices like smart glasses that snap photos to a personalized 3-D avatar that can be simply made from a selfie.

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Katie.Show | EP 053: A robot that prints pancakes?

Miguel Valenzuela doesn’t need to make his kids pancakes - he invented a robot to do that. The idea began as a Lego creation, which Miguel turned into a working prototype.  He then landed himself half a million dollars on Kickstarter to follow his dream.  After whipping up some printed pancakes of her own, Katie chats with Miguel about his amazing invention.

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Katie.Show | Ep 038: Buck Sexton – CNN political commentator, radio host and former CIA officer

Buck Sexton served as a former intelligence officer for the CIA and also worked with the NYPD intelligence division on counterterrorism issues. He is host of The Buck Sexton Show on TheBlaze TV and TheBlaze Radio. Buck breaks down the Clinton email verdict for us and also gives the inside scoop on how he keeps on top of the intelligence scene.

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Katie.Show | Ep 033: USX Team Successfully Summits Mt. Everest to Support Soldiers' Mental Health

Released May 26, 2016

On May 24th, the USX team summited Mt. Everest amidst 100mph winds and treacherous conditions. The team included the first active duty soldier and second combat wounded veteran to summit. I will be speaking with the USX team co-founder, Command Sergeant Major Todd Burnett, regarding the team's amazing climb and their efforts to raise awareness for mental health challenges that soldiers face.

Donations for USX:

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Katie.Show | Ep 018: What does it take to win a Guinness World Record?

Mike Janela shares his experiences serving as a Guinness World Record Judge. Katie recalls winning her own record. Sam Roberts wants a Dr. Pepper milkshake.

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What's in a Name?

Last week, I wrote a post on new “not-coms,” which are website URLs that use a more creative and descriptive extension than .com, .net or .biz. This week, I'm expanding on that notion and sharing some of my favorite new not-coms.

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Katie.Show | Episode 13: Ashley Eckstein: Star Wars

Ashley Eckstein known for her role as Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and owner creator of Her Universe gives us a glimpse of what it's like to audition for Disney and also be a powerful businesswoman.

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.wtf is up with all these new not-com extensions?

Yeah, we’re all familiar with .com, .net and .org. But what about .pizza, .productions,  and even, yes, .wft as a domain extension? These are the cool new kids in town, and the options seem endless. They’re known as “not-coms.” 

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PopSci | From a risky spacewalk to the top of Mount Everest

Retired astronaut Scott Parazynski talks about his life of adventure with Katie Linendoll.

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Katie.Show | Episode 11: Matt Lauer and Willie Geist: Tech the Halls

Matt Lauer and Willie Geist tech the halls with Katie Linendoll, tech travel tips and gifting ideas, and Sam Roberts joins in on the action.

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Katie.Show | Episode 9: Scott Parazynski: Astronaut, pilot, doctor, diver, climber

Released Nov 19, 2015

Scott Parazynski has flown 5 Space Shuttle Missions and has conducted 7 spacewalks.  He is also the first and only NASA astronaut to have summited Mt. Everest.  Katie and Sam Roberts have a fascinating discussion with Scott regarding the physical and mental challenges of life in space.

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Katie.Show | Episode 8: The Hyperloop and Cirque du Soleil via Virtual Reality

Released Nov 10, 2015

A 760mph Hyperloop!? Katie Linendoll reports from DublinWeb Summit, with Hyperloop Technologies CEO Rob Lloyd and also dives into virtual reality with the President of Cirque du Soleil Media, Jacques Méthé. Plus, turn yourself in to a minifig!

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Katie.Show | Episode 7: Digital Afterlife with Safe Beyond - Dublin Web Summit

Katie and Sam Roberts discuss Dublin Web Summit. Interview with CEO of Safe Beyond a service that allows you to send messages, photos and videos after passing away. 

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Katie.Show | Episode 6: Hi Tech Hauntings

Katie and Sam Roberts chat with Fact or Fact and former FBI special agent Ben Hansen, one of the most renown paranormal experts and lecturers in the world and how he uses technology.

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Katie.Show | Episode 5: Debugging World Problems

Katie reports for Popular Science from Kairos Global Summit and speaks with two unique companies solving world problems.

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