Artificial Intelligence: Bringing Human Experiences to Technology

Posted in partnership with Capital One, all opinions are my own. 

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, it has helped us achieve greater connectivity and productivity – giving us more time to focus on what we love. It is not only reshaping how we relate to the world, but is also making significant advancements in a number of industries.  

Take for example the unique collaboration here in NYC between Memorial Sloane Kettering© and IBM Watson® - together, they’re able to organize complex patient data so oncology clinicians can spend more time on building relationships with their patients - which, I think, illustrates a beautiful example of true partnership between AI and humanity: working together towards the common goal of universal health and well-being.

Now, imagine a world where AI becomes smarter with the ability to detect emotions and empathize with your needs, while offering invaluable information using natural language. This is no longer a distant view of the future – it’s here and now! Companies like Amazon and Capital One are honing in on human-centered design in order to break down the conversational barriers that exist between humans and machines. Research and development is already underway to improve the experience for consumers across the board.

Capital One is hosting a one-of-a-kind, one day conference called Humanity.AI in San Francisco, which will focus on positive ways that we can humanize technology while touching on key trends and the level of education that needs to occur throughout the industry.  

The conference will include a think-tank of discussions with over 200 designers, engineers, researchers and product developers, whose collective aim is to keep humanity at the forefront of technological advancement. The agenda is packed with visionary speakers from industry power houses such as IBM®, Facebook©, Uber©, Growbot, Motional Entertainment, Pullstring© and Pixar®. It’s sure to be an amazing exploration for creative thinkers with a strong passion for the future. Even if you’re not able to attend the conference, join the discussion with @Humanity_AI and #humanityai on Twitter and Facebook