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Katie Linendoll at the TODAY Show : Fun in the Sun Gadgets
@KatieLinendoll: Black Sand Beach of Southern Iceland
Katie Linendoll on the Rachael Ray Show: Drinking Water From Sunlight and Air?
Katie Linendoll on The DA Show: CBS Sports Radio
Katie Linendoll on the Rachael Ray Show: Voyager Electronic LED Commuter Scooter
Katie Linendoll Feature in Chef Irvine Magazine: Unapologetically Katie

She’s an Emmy-winning tech expert and philanthropist. Here, Katie Linendoll breaks down her upcoming projects and the lessons of a career that saw her thrive in not one, but two male-dominated industries. By Matt Tuthill

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Katie Linendoll at the TODAY Show : Spring Break Brain Boosters
Need New Makeup? This Interactive Mirror Makes Beauty Shopping a Cinch

Imagine if your vanity mirror suddenly sprung to life and declared that, although you are indeed among the fairest, an emphatic red lip could help you top the list.

Toronto-based tech company ModiFace has created a fairytale-like “mirror” that comes close. The brand launched in 2008 with addictively playful apps that let you virtually makeover selfies with exotic hairstyles, eye colors and more. Big beauty brands took notice when ModiFace moved their tech into an augmented reality experience, powered by high-tech cameras...

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TODAY: See the Technology of the Future at the Consumer Electronics Show

Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to the Consumer Electronics Show to check out what’s new and cool in tech – and this year, TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones and tech expert Katie Linendoll were two of them. TODAY follows them as they check out everything from a laundry-folding robot to self-driving cars.

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@KatieLinendoll: Tech Pop Quiz

Tech pop quiz - can you guess which tech company is manufacturing a massive 300k custom parts per day?

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@KatieLinendoll: Staying Fit on the Road

Staying fit on the road 280+ days a year is challenging but non-negotiable!!

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GE Smart Lighting Made Simple

In my work as a tech expert, I have found that many families are interested in integrating smart lighting into their homes, but feel overwhelmed by the many options and complexity. I am always wary of “tech just for tech’s sake.” In other words, if a family invests in smart lighting, it should be easy to install, functional and practical. That is why I am so excited to partner with GE. After so many years in the lighting business, I’ve seen that GE really understands their customer and practical ways to integrate the new lighting technology.

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Katie @ The TODAY Show: Tech the halls!

LED ornaments, animated inflatables: Tech the halls for the holidays

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Katie @ The Rachael Ray Show: Get In the Holiday Spirit With 3 New Apps

Talk about an ‘Appy Holiday! We turned to Katie Linendoll — an Emmy Award-winning expert in all things tech — for the inside scoop on cutting edge gifts and gadgets, sure to add a touch of modern flair to your time-honored traditions.

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@KatieLinendoll: Out of office.

Out of office.

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@KatieLinendoll: 🎄Loved joining the one and only @rachaelray today on air!

Loved joining the one and only @rachaelray today on air! So full of Christmas spirit!! I gotta share that behind the scenes they have culinary student chefs that bring you beyond amazing food - I couldn't stop eating all the dishes!!

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@KatieLinendoll: Iceland’s top tourist attraction? ❄️🌫💧

Iceland’s top tourist attraction? The Blue Lagoon! A 100 degree geothermal spa full of natural minerals great for the skin.

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@KatieLinendoll: Night has fallen in Iceland 🌌

Night has fallen in Iceland and staying the night in the bubble hotel with eyes towards the sky hopeful for northern lights!!

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Katie.Show | EP 76: Avoid Holiday Hackers

Online sales this holiday season are booming. With the influx of connected devices entering the home, your network security should be an important focus — as hackers are especially active during the shopping season.



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NASA and Hewlett-Packard Engineers Collaborate on a High-Tech Space Printer

Imagine being handed a project to create a printer that will work in space. Well, I was fortunate enough to travel to Johnson Space Center to meet the multi-disciplinary team of NASA and Hewlett-Packard (HP) engineers, who designed the HP Envy Zero Gravity Printer. While covering the story, I quickly learned that although we often focus on the blast-off of a NASA rocket, we aren’t always aware that the astronauts at the ISS (International Space Station) orbit space for up to six months while executing complex missions.

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