GE Smart Lighting Made Simple

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In my work as a tech expert, I have found that many families are interested in integrating smart lighting into their homes, but feel overwhelmed by the many options and complexity. I am always wary of “tech just for tech’s sake.” In other words, if a family invests in smart lighting, it should be easy to install, functional and practical. That is why I am so excited to partner with GE. After so many years in the lighting business, I’ve seen that GE really understands their customer and practical ways to integrate the new lighting technology. Their goal in 2018 is to provide families with an individualized, smart lighting system that will optimize their own special home environment and needs.

A new addition to the GE line this year is a voice compatible smart switch, which will allow you to control lighting in your room with your voice. I spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephew and know that the kitchen is a hub of family life where everyone gathers. With voice activation, you can set your own lighting settings in the kitchen, so when the kids get home, you can say, “Homework” to create a brighter light for them to read and for you to cook dinner. Then, when everyone is ready to sit down to eat, you can change the setting to “Dinner Time” for a softer, more relaxed lighting experience.

Another great feature of the smart switch is its embedded occupancy sensors. This enables the device to sense when someone enters the room. So, imagine you are walking from the car into the house with a heavy bag of groceries. As soon as you enter the kitchen, the lighting system will recognize that you are there and immediately turn the lights on.

The smart switch also contains a built-in antenna feature, which is very important in maintaining your settings even in a busy home environment. In the past, if one of the children accidentally flipped the wall switch, all the smart lighting settings would be lost. Now with the built-in antenna, the smart switch is always able to access electricity, so even if the kids forget and flip the switch, the smart light will retain its settings. This saves a ton of time and keeps Mom and Dad happy!

Another great option from GE Lighting, being unveiled later this year, is the smart ceiling fixture. I live in a New York City apartment where space is very tight. I love the modern look of the GE Sol smart lamp, but unfortunately, it’s a bit big for my apartment sized kitchen counter-top. Soon, I will have the option of a voice integrated ceiling fixture embedded with the same smart features as the lamp. I like that the light is sleek and easy to install. Once mounted, it has voice assistance, so I can change the lighting settings in my kitchen and also prompt thousands of other tasks and commands. It even has embedded speakers, so when it’s time to do the dishes and I need a little pep, I can ask for some country music. 

If you are ready to integrate smart lighting but feel a little nervous about this new technology, I highly recommend looking into the GE lighting products, like Sol, which was a hit with my friends in my apartment! They are easy to operate, consumer-friendly and compatible with the major voice-activated services including Amazon, Google, and Apple. Bringing this technology into your home will make the little things easier, so you can focus on the more important things in life.