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Katie on TODAY: See the Robots That are Changing Our Homes
Katie.Show | Ep 032: Ping Pong vs. a Robot

Harrison and Alex Chen are brothers who played ping pong with each other growing up in Taiwan. They ultimately moved in separate directions and their solution to continue to play together was to build an app connected smart robot, they called "Trainerbot." Now they can play ping pong against each other anywhere and anytime via Trainerbot. The app, together with the robot, is now showcased and sold on Kickstarter. I played it and have to say it's kinda intense and it kicked my ass. Sam Roberts also weighs in.

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Katie.Show | Ep 027: Exoskeleton Robotic Suit Simulates Decades of Aging in Seconds

A 40lb robotic suit created by Genworth allows you to feel the effects of aging 40+ years in a matter of seconds. The idea of the "Aging Experience" exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, promotes firsthand experience leading to empathy and awareness. 

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