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@KatieLinendoll: What a pleasure to emcee #RVX The RV Experience- we explored disrupting the status quo with Waze founder Uri Levine and former CMO Beats @OmarJohnson 🗺 #ad
@KatieLinendoll: Retro is still so in! Added this baby to my collection of mini consoles! 😍🎮 #PlayStationClassic is out December 3rd @GameStop and its one of the top gadgets in my gift guide!
@KatieLinendoll: ✨ Cosplay as Edna Mode from The Incredibles! ✨ Day 4 #NYCC 🤓 Frames for the fashion forward @zennioptical! 👓 #ad
@KatieLinendoll: Stylin‘ + profilin’ Day 2 New York Comic-Con 😂 @RicFlairNatrBoy @MsCharlotteWWE #Ad @zennioptical 👓
@KatieLinendoll: Day “THREE!” New York Comic Con! It’s all about the Tootsie Pop Owl 🦉🤪🤓 @zennioptical has over 2,500 styles to choose from! 👓
@KatieLinendoll: #NYCC kicks off today! I’m back in action with some favorite character cosplay (all w/ glasses 👓!) 🤪 #Ad #ComicCon @zennioptical