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@KatieLinendoll: September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and I want to share with you one of our tech initiatives @Batcole Foundation- floor to ceiling hospital room makeovers!
@KatieLinendoll: Please join us @Batcole during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month in this ongoing fight! We carry on Cole's legacy and are focused on raising funds for novel therapies πŸ’›πŸŽ—
Katie on Good Day New Mexico : Chatting Batcole Foundation
Katie.Show | EP 73: The Batcole Foundation - Fighting Pediatric Cancer with Research, Technology and Uplifting Treatment Centers

The Batcole Foundation was founded in loving memory of Cole, who passed away from neuroblastoma when he was only 11 years old. It's mission is to improve the overall experience of cancer care for patients and their families. A proud Team Batcole member, Katie chats with Carol Winnefeld, Cole's mother, about the unique ways that the foundation is living out its mission. Projects include raising funds for clinical research & also an exiting tech partnership with HP involving hospital room makeovers & VR.

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