What's in a Name?

Last week, I wrote a post on new “not-coms,” which are website URLs that use a more creative and descriptive extension than .com, .net or .biz. This week, I'm expanding on that notion and sharing some of my favorite new not-coms.


When purchasing a URL for the first time (or, if you're like me, the thousandth time), you now have the opportunity to think outside the box and choose a not-com that is meaningful and memorable, or one that will simply save space. This is exciting news, because there’s value and innovation in the newly available extensions. Whether its .academy, .club, .events or .coffee, a new not-com helps a business get right to the point of what it actually does. A lot of podcasts are moving to .fm, for example. And coffee shops, like driftaway.coffee, make it clear what they're all about, duh, selling coffee.


Here are some of my other favorites:


This wonderland of lip balm sells everything from drug store classics (think: eos and Softlips) to wackier products (lip balms flavored like Pop-Tarts and Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough).  


A clothing site made for those of us shivering in cold-weather territories! Sweater + Leggings = Sweggings. 


Just as it sounds, the bearded guy behind this site is a Christmas expert! But with that URL, you didn’t even have to ask.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn’t use my own sites as an example. I gotta practice what I preach!


My ultimate destination for awesome holiday gift suggestions.


My weekly tech podcast on trends, first-looks and interviews with some of the greatest minds in the industry.


And I am partial to batcole.foundation, a non-profit organization called Batcole Foundation that raises money for pediatric cancer and for which I am a board member. I also helped develop the website, which is dedicated to a good buddy, Cole Winnefeld, who passed away in July after a long bout with cancer. 


When building a business URL, it's helpful to think long-term and figure out where this URL will appear. Will it show up on business cards? Merchandise? Billboards? Pamphlets? TV? When the Batcole Foundation, for example, moved from batcolefoundation.com to batcole.foundation, it saved precious space. That’s helpful, now, when spelling the website out on merchandise, like down the sleeve of a hoodie. It's also on-trend to go with a unique URL and it pops more on gear!  



Using not-coms such as .fail, .LOL or .expert brings more context to a name and adds a little edgy flair. When choosing a business name, you want it to be memorable, right? Not-coms allow more opportunities to play with words and, because it’s a new and unique development, it’s automatically more catchy and enduring.



In the spirit of Christmas, and because it's chilly outside, share this post along with the hashtag #notcom for the chance to win a pair of sweggings! That’s right: sweggings. As I mentioned above, sweggings are sweater leggings that are uber-comfy and way cooler than jeggings. And since they come in a festive variety, I even included them in my gift guide! Contest ends tonight, December 23, at 6 p.m. ET.