How does the Sleep Shepherd Work?

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Sleep Shepherd Blue

The key to understanding how the Sleep Shepherd works is first to realize that the brain has an electric charge just like the heart.  We measure the hearts "electricity" with an EKG.  We can also measure the brain's electricity with an EEG.

An EEG shows different brain waves.  These different waves all move at different speeds or frequencies.  Beta are the fastest, then alpha, then theta and then delta is the slowest.  When we are in the deepest state of sleep, our brain waves slow down to delta. 

When someone has insomnia their brain waves are beating at a fast level.  The key is getting the brain to slow down, but what often happens is that the more trouble someone has falling asleep the more anxious and frustrated they become. 

So, how can we help the brain waves to slow from beta to delta?

This is where the Sleep Shepherd comes in. We can actually train our brain waves to slow down through sound.  The Sleep Shepherd is a soft headband that has a personal EEG machine inside.  It monitors your brain waves to determine their frequency, or how fast they are beating. Then it plays special tones, called binaural beats, to help the brain to slow down.  Because the Sleep Shepherd monitors your personal wave frequency it is able to slow down the waves-- to help you drift off gently into a peaceful slumber.

Note - I am a passionate fan and consultant for Sleep Shepherd, and enjoy working with the team to bring this gadget to the masses, who suffer from sleep issues! It has been incredible journey watching this product gain momentum since the founder, Dr. Michael Larson, designed it for his daughter, who had chronic insomnia and was overmedicated.