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Technically, Katie; Episode 3

Featuring Jillycakes, Artist Ashley Taylor and Disney Projections!

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Katie on Digital Trends Live
Katie's 1st Car: Your AAA Magazine
@KatieLinendoll: These legs have seen so many miles across the globe! 🏃🏻‍♀️Excited to be featured @runnersworld via @MLCharbs chatting my tech faves and old school approach 👟
Katie's Must Have Travel Gadgets for Summer 2018 : Your AAA Daily
Photographing the Northern Lights in Alaska!
Sleep in a bubble under the Northern Lights in Iceland!
Katie Linendoll Feature in Chef Irvine Magazine: Unapologetically Katie

She’s an Emmy-winning tech expert and philanthropist. Here, Katie Linendoll breaks down her upcoming projects and the lessons of a career that saw her thrive in not one, but two male-dominated industries. By Matt Tuthill

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Need New Makeup? This Interactive Mirror Makes Beauty Shopping a Cinch

Imagine if your vanity mirror suddenly sprung to life and declared that, although you are indeed among the fairest, an emphatic red lip could help you top the list.

Toronto-based tech company ModiFace has created a fairytale-like “mirror” that comes close. The brand launched in 2008 with addictively playful apps that let you virtually makeover selfies with exotic hairstyles, eye colors and more. Big beauty brands took notice when ModiFace moved their tech into an augmented reality experience, powered by high-tech cameras...

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NASA and Hewlett-Packard Engineers Collaborate on a High-Tech Space Printer

Imagine being handed a project to create a printer that will work in space. Well, I was fortunate enough to travel to Johnson Space Center to meet the multi-disciplinary team of NASA and Hewlett-Packard (HP) engineers, who designed the HP Envy Zero Gravity Printer. While covering the story, I quickly learned that although we often focus on the blast-off of a NASA rocket, we aren’t always aware that the astronauts at the ISS (International Space Station) orbit space for up to six months while executing complex missions.

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It’s here! My 2017 holiday gift guide is LIVE!

As we celebrate the approach of this wonderful season, it’s time to share some of my top holiday picks! From high-tech to STEM toys, to travel gadgets that are a must - I think you’ll find at least a few items for those special people in your life, and maybe even a few secret surprises for yourself!

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Five Must Have STEM Gadgets for Children

Educators today agree that the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines are vital in preparing children for the high-tech careers of tomorrow. To get children interested in STEM, you can’t just talk to them about science and engineering

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Three Clever Ways to Help The Planet Recover from Plastic Pollution

Since 1950, more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic have been produced. Of that amount, nearly 7 billion tons of this plastic is no longer in use and only 9 percent has actually been recycled.

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The Weather Channel: Lionfish Invasion

This invasive species is causing a lot of problems. Katie Linendoll explains in part one of this series on the lionfish.

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I Want Her Job: Meet Katie Linendoll

About Katie:

In a world where technology helps us be anywhere and do (almost) anything, Katie Linendoll is leading the way. A true multi-hyphenate in trade, Katie is an Emmy-winner, journalist, TV personality and tech insider. You can see her regularly on the TODAY Show, where she’s served as a tech contributor, wow-ing everyone from Matt Lauer to Willie Geist to, of course, the viewers, for the past six years. She’s also a regular on The Weather Channel, Fox News, HLN, CNN and CBS Sports Radio.

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Countdown to Totality: Upgrade Your Viewing Experience with These Solar Eclipse Gadgets

This is the kind of blackout that is science approved! I’ve put together some of my favorite must have gadgets to watch the solar eclipse and I recommend getting them early, as they are already starting to sell out fast!

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First Look and unboxing of LEGO Brickheadz — Comic-Con exclusives

Katie Linendoll has the first look at LEGO Brickheadz being revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Only two of these sets are being revealed at #SDCC and you can win one by entering for a chance to purchase if you are on location. Or you can find out how you can win a set in this video!

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POPSUGAR. Tech Influencers Reflect on the iPhone's 10th Anniversary

Whether you love or hate Apple, you can't deny the impact a once 4.5-inch tall smartphone called the iPhone had on the world. Imagine thinking then of the world as we now know it — filled with blue iMessage clouds, a Siri who doesn't always get us, and a battery life that can barely just make it through the day. POPSUGAR spoke to five tech influencers about the impact the iPhone had on them.

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These are the Hottest New Beauty Gadgets to Try Now

When shopping for health and beauty products, the list is long and the sheer scope can be overwhelming. Since I am frequently reporting on-air, keeping up with the latest makeup and beauty trends is part of my professional life and I am constantly testing out new gadgets and gizmos. Now, let me share what I've learned with you!

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Katie on the DA SHOW: Closer Than You Think To Virtual Reality Season Tickets

As technology improves, there’s less incentive for sports fans to attend athletic events. Why pay for a ticket, parking, food, and beverages – and have to deal with unruly fans or, depending on the sport, the weather – just to sit in the upper deck and be so far removed from the action? Especially when a flat screen in a climate-controlled environment is often the alternative?

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