Katie at Gio & Jones — Fascinated by Virtual Reality

Several months ago, tech guru Katie Linendoll told Gregg Giannotti and Brian Jones that Virtual Reality would be the next big tech craze. Well, given the number of VR products on sale right now, it appears she was right.

“I am fascinated by Virtual Reality,” Linendoll said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “It’s one of my favorite conversations. I actually help work in a lab out in L.A. that does VR, and I’ve been following it since its infancy. The first time I got in a seat and experienced the whole immersive environment, I was training on a Navy ship. I think I told you this story before, but it was so intense that I didn’t know when to pop in and pop out, and I literally forgot that I had a whole camera crew filming me. And it was so intense that I got motion sick. I felt like I was on this Navy ship and really in the middle of the ocean. So from that moment, I knew it was going to be over the top (and) insane.”