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Katie at Gio & Jones — Fascinated by Virtual Reality

Several months ago, tech guru Katie Linendoll told Gregg Giannotti and Brian Jones that Virtual Reality would be the next big tech craze. Well, given the number of VR products on sale right now, it appears she was right.

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Gio & Jones | Katie Linendoll Talks Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Emmy-winning podcast host Katie Linendoll dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss her podcast,, and give Mother’s Day gift tips to listeners.

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CBS Sports | Tech Guru Katie Linendoll Talks Star Wars, Robots And More

Emmy-winning tech guru Katie Linendoll dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones on Wednesday to discuss numerous topics, including holiday gadgets, the new Star Wars movie and the end of humanity as we know it (not really, but kind of).

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