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@KatieLinendoll: Black Sand Beach of Southern Iceland
@KatieLinendoll: Out of office.

Out of office.

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@KatieLinendoll: Iceland’s top tourist attraction? ❄️🌫💧

Iceland’s top tourist attraction? The Blue Lagoon! A 100 degree geothermal spa full of natural minerals great for the skin.

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@KatieLinendoll: Night has fallen in Iceland 🌌

Night has fallen in Iceland and staying the night in the bubble hotel with eyes towards the sky hopeful for northern lights!!

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Katie.Show | EP 039: Discover Iceland Part 1: Eco-tourism

Embark on an adventure to the environmental wonderland of Iceland and you will be able to discover and enjoy the islands’ focus on eco-tourism. The Blue Lagoon, a favorite spot for tourists, is located in a lava field in the southwest part of the island.  This amazing warm water lagoon harnesses geothermal energy to create a unique, and for many, transformative experience.

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