Katie’s Picks: Top Winter Running Gear

After running a night time 10K race in Iceland, Katie Linendoll shared some top running gadgets on CBS Sports Radio "The DA Show." You can also catch her podcast discussing the event here. 


Starting at $20

A practical add-on for any runner or outdoor enthusiast, Road ID offers different wearables that provide your contact and/or medical information. Rest assured that your ID is always on you even when you’re exploring off the grid.


Shoe Spikes

Prices Vary


I recommend these spikes for anyone who runs in the more extreme winter conditions.  These overlays can be strapped to any pair of boots or shoes and will seriously help you get a grip the terrain. A variety of brands offer options from YakTrax and Nordic Grips to Traxole (this is the brand I prefer). Ice Bug shoes are also available with the spikes already built right in.  

Nova Jacket


Stay safe and lit using this NOVA LED lightweight jacket. It uses a unique 0.5 oz battery module that you clip inside the coat to illuminate various parts of the jacket. It has three mode options (high, low and blinking) and carries a 6- 8 hour charge after charging for just one hour. It’s also lightweight, weather resistant and provides about 450 ft of visibility.


66 Degrees North Bum Bag


Let’s call it what it really is - a fanny pack. I said I’d never do it, but I'm legit digging the convenience of this bag! I especially like the Icelandic brand, 66 Degrees, so I had to give their waterproof fanny pack a try. And, I have to admit it is awesome to carry all the essentials that you need on a run.


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Katie.Show | EP 91: Iceland Winter Run 10K Recap With Dagny Jonsdottir

After a winter 10k run in Iceland, Katie Linendoll chats with Icelandic triathlete, Dagny Jonsdottir, who shares what it’s like training in the land of fire and ice. She primarily runs outdoors — and likes to challenge herself with uphill terrain in the snowiest and most extreme conditions.

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@KatieLinendoll: Toy Fair time! 🧸🎡 Every year #ToyFair invades NYC with over 7,000 companies showing off their latest and most innovative toys! Stay with me as I share the best finds all week! 🤓

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@KatieLinendoll: The Northern Lights are like the long piece in Tetris 🎮 You keep looking for it ...waiting for it ...and then when it finally shows up it’s so worth it! 🤩#nofilterneeded

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@KatieLinendoll: I’ve been coming to Iceland for years — well before it was a thing 😛 Booked a last minute trip to run a night 10k

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@KatieLinendoll: It's Northern Lights season! I've put together a video of the best gear, camera settings, lighting and locations for capturing the aurora borealis 🌌✨https://www.

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Katie.Show | EP 90: A Chat With Umay Co-Founder, Ali Habib - A New Gadget That Could Help With Digital Detox

We are just beginning to understand the full impact smartphones and laptop screens have on our eyes. Katie Linendoll chats with founder and mechanical engineer Ali Habib who founded uMay Rest with his sister Sharmin, an Optometrist. This gadget claims that heat, cooling and Thermal Meditation can ease the damaging effects of too much screen time on the eyes. Ali shares their entrepreneur story and experience as a first time startup exhibitor at CES. 

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@KatieLinendoll: Arriving to CES in style 😎 Meet the @BellFlight Nexus Air Taxi - this hybrid quietly carrries four passengers w one pilot. It’s also fully autonomous. #CES2019

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@KatieLinendoll: What an amazing day moderating conversations around the future of auto tech on stage with @mercedesbenz EVP Sajjad Khan and @nvidia CEO Jensen Huang #CES2019 #ad

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