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Katie.Show | EP 80: Matt O'Brien: eSports - Is the next athlete digital?

Can you make a career out of being a professional gamer? Its legit. The world of eSports and professional gaming has grown like crazy over the past few years. What many would write off as activities taking place in a parents basement are now selling out Madison Square Garden, attracting jaw dropping numbers of online streams, and earning pros prizes in the millions. Heck its even being considered as an Olympic sport!  Katie Linendoll chats with Matt O'Brien who is leading the charge for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their own eSports partnerships.

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Katie.Show | EP 79: Sven Gerjets: CTO of Mattel

We often think that the toy industry is just about fun and games, but when it comes to the financial market it's a 26 billion dollar industry in the US alone! Katie Linendoll sits down to talk toys with Sven Gerjets CTO of Mattel at the Toy Fair 2018.  Topics include Mattel's vision to accommodate the modern tech kid; how they can take an iconic brand like Hot Wheels and give it an upgrade for the next generation; and how they are addressing privacy concerns with connected toys (something we never worried about in the Olden Days).

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Katie.Show | EP 77: Zero Mass Water — New Environmental Technology

Drinking water is something that we often take for granted. In areas where this resource is scarce, why not turn to Mother Nature to help us naturally solve this problem?

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Katie.Show | EP 76: Avoid Holiday Hackers

Online sales this holiday season are booming. With the influx of connected devices entering the home, your network security should be an important focus — as hackers are especially active during the shopping season.



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It’s here! My 2017 holiday gift guide is LIVE!

As we celebrate the approach of this wonderful season, it’s time to share some of my top holiday picks! From high-tech to STEM toys, to travel gadgets that are a must - I think you’ll find at least a few items for those special people in your life, and maybe even a few secret surprises for yourself!

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Countdown to Totality: Upgrade Your Viewing Experience with These Solar Eclipse Gadgets

This is the kind of blackout that is science approved! I’ve put together some of my favorite must have gadgets to watch the solar eclipse and I recommend getting them early, as they are already starting to sell out fast!

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These are the Hottest New Beauty Gadgets to Try Now

When shopping for health and beauty products, the list is long and the sheer scope can be overwhelming. Since I am frequently reporting on-air, keeping up with the latest makeup and beauty trends is part of my professional life and I am constantly testing out new gadgets and gizmos. Now, let me share what I've learned with you!

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TODAY SHOW: 12 gadgets that will make perfect Father's Day or graduation gifts

Do you have a gift for your favorite guy yet?

If not, you still have time to come up with a gift that he'll love — and tech expert Katie Linendoll is here to help you. She's selected 12 of the hottest gadgets for Father's Day or even graduation.

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Katie.Show | EP 67: It's Hi-Tech behind the scenes at the Cleveland Cavs' Arena

Technology is changing sports arenas and enhancing the fan experience. An inside look at the Cleveland Cavaliers Quicken Loans Arena. A chat with Priya Narasimhan, who is the founder of Yinzcam, and creator of over 160 professional team apps.  Katie also talks with Mike Conley, VP Digital for Cleveland Cavaliers, who is on the forefront of augmented reality, virtual reality, beacons and analytics. Together these two experts provide a high tech experience before the fans even step into the the arena.

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Make learning fun with these 7 educational apps and gadgets for kids

You've probably heard about the importance of exposing children to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) or STEAM (with an added arts component) as early as possible in their developmental years. But in an age of digital distraction, how do you keep them engaged?

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Katie at the TODAY Show: Great gadgets for spring

Tech expert Katie Linendoll visits TODAY with an array of great gadgets for spring. Among her picks: Wearhaus Arc headphones, which enable you to share your music on the go, and the Tip N Split calculator for instantly figuring out how to divvy up a restaurant bill.

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6 Gadgets For Your Household That Are Wacky But Practical

Tech expert Katie Linendoll stopped by TODAY to show us the most wackiest, yet practical, gadgets you can use in any type of household.

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Katie.Show | EP 59: Tom Gillis - On the Front Lines of Cybersecurity

Is our heavily connected information society safe within the "Internet of Things?" How do we stop the rise of super sophisticated phishing schemes that have successfully hacked millions of users?  Tom Gillis, a former VP of Cisco Security and now the founder of Bracket Computing, a cybersecurity company, tackles these questions and also explains what the world’s largest financial institutions need to do in order to protect their networks.  Tom and Katie also chat about the cutting edge security software that Bracket Computing just unveiled at the RSA cybersecurity conference in San Francisco. 

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Introducing Katie Show Live

Attention all you fabulous inventors, entrepreneurs and publicists out there - you can pitch your tech to Katie Linendoll and her audience on Facebook Live!  Katie chats with Sam Roberts about the launch of her new show "Katie Show Live."  They also (not surprisingly) tell some random stories.

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