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Katie Talks Winter Running Gadgets on The DA Show
Katie’s Picks: Top Winter Running Gear
Katie.Show | EP 91: Iceland Winter Run 10K Recap With Dagny Jonsdottir
@KatieLinendoll: The Northern Lights are like the long piece in Tetris 🎮 You keep looking for it ...waiting for it ...and then when it finally shows up it’s so worth it! 🤩#nofilterneeded
@KatieLinendoll: I’ve been coming to Iceland for years — well before it was a thing 😛 Booked a last minute trip to run a night 10k
Sleep in a bubble under the Northern Lights in Iceland!
Katie.Show | EP 041: Discover Iceland Part 2 – What the heck is geothermal energy?

Katie speaks with Hordur Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun, which produces 73% of all Iceland's electricity via geothermal energy.

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