PopSci | New app sends notes from beyond the grave

"When Moran Zur got married in 2006, his joy was tempered with sadness. He’d lost his father to cancer in 2002, and on that otherwise joyful day, he felt the loss deeply. He thought to himself, “What if I could only ask him so many questions that we never had the chance to talk about?” He dreamed of creating a system that would allow someone to communicate with his or her loved ones after death.

In 2012, Zur’s wife was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer. At the time of the diagnosis, their son was only three years old, and Zur was afraid he would never know how wonderful his mother was. “I was very occupied with the thought he might lose his mum and will never get a chance to know her, and she’s an amazing person. I was really afraid that if I don’t do something to change it, he’ll never have a chance to know her.”

Technology had advanced since he had the initial vision, and Zur realized he had a real opportunity to make a difference. So he left his job as a CEO in the financial industry to create SafeBeyond, a technology-enabled messaging service that allows a person to leave a virtual legacy after they’ve passed."

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