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Katie.Show | EP 57: Roselle Safran — Former White House Cybersecurity Chief

Roselle, a former White House Cybersecurity Chief in the Obama Administration, is now the co-founder of Uplevel Security,  a company committed to building cybersecurity technology solutions for its customers.  Roselle discusses high level security breaches and hacks, and how our government and major corporations combat cyber threats on a daily basis.

Katie.Show | EP 055: PogoCam – the World's Smallest Wearable Camera

Katie Linendoll chats with Richard Clompus, VP of Communications & Consumer Interaction at PogoCam. The Company created the world’s smallest wearable camera, which attaches to chic eyewear.  PogoCam will be hitting the market in 2017. Sam Roberts of Sirius XM also joins Katie to provide a holiday public service announcement. Katie also shares the cutting edge gadget of the week.

Katie.Show | EP 051: Le-what? Could LeEco Be the Next Big Tech Brand?

Never heard of LeEco? Well, this rising brand plans to be just about everywhere starting, uh, now. The booming Chinese company has entered the U.S. market with hopes to be your go-to tech supplier from TVs to smartphones to commuter bikes and headphones. Their keystones are good quality at very low prices. Katie chats with Kenny Mathers, General Manger, Global Product Marketing, at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Posted on November 3, 2016 and filed under Katie.Show.

Katie.Show | EP 046: Apple Recap & Pediatric Cancer Awareness

After traveling to Cupertino for the Apple launch and showcasing the devices on the TODAY Show, Katie shares her thoughts on the new iPhones, series two Apple Watch and Airpods. Katie also chats the Batcole Foundation and Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

Katie.Show | Ep 036: Escape the Room with Auto Tech

One of the trendiest interactive mystery games partners with Ford Escape to create a limited time only 35,000 square foot experience: “Can You Escape NYC?” With the clock ticking, Sam and Katie join forces try to get through six rooms without killing each other while also solving puzzles while using new in vehicle technologies. An inside look at building a customized brand experience.