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Katie.Show | Tomorrow in Auto: GM CEO and Chairman Mary Barra & CEOs of flying car and Ethos concept cars

GM’s Mary Barra on electric and the next few years of auto, E-hang co-founder on their new flying car and Rinspeed CEO with Ethos concept car & drone. Katie provides live interviews from CES; Sam Roberts provides funniez.

Today Show | A flying car?! See the coolest CES tech and gadgets

Tech expert Katie Linendoll shares some of the coolest gadgets that are causing buzz at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, including a shoe that can tighten or loosen with the push of a button, and a small flying car that can travel up to 20 miles, and that will, reportedly, be ready for production in a year.

Posted on January 13, 2016 and filed under On Air.

PopSci | Ehang's drone copter wants to fly you around

These days, drones are everywhere you look. But EHang caught everyone's eye with a 'Drone Copter' called the '184,' that was teased on the CES 2016 showroom floor. Currently the company has a working prototype and it is working on working with various governments to eventually get the 184 in the skies near you.

Posted on January 12, 2016 and filed under Online.

PopSci | This self-driving car comes with its own drone

Rinspeed Auto's founder has been innovating for awhile. But with the self-driving car revolution just starting, we got a look at a concept car called the Rinspeed Auto Etos at CES 2016. Not only does it self-drive, it syncs with a bunch of applications, has a retractable steering wheel, 8 on-board cameras, and the big kicker — a built-in DRONE!


Watch Katie Linendoll talk to Parrot founder & CEO Henri Seydoux from the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center about the Disco, the company's recent fixed-wing drone, announced at CES 2016. What sets it apart is the ability to build it and throw it into the air — then you can control it with the Skycontroller or Flightplan app, and it flies up to 50 mph!

Posted on January 12, 2016 and filed under Online.