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Katie.Show | EP 56 : Julia Steyn VP Urban Mobility and Maven at GM

Sam Roberts and Katie chat CES. Katie chats with Julia Steyn Vice President, Urban Mobility and Maven at GM joins Katie to chat about the direction of GM and auto.

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Katie.Show | Tomorrow in Auto: GM CEO and Chairman Mary Barra & CEOs of flying car and Ethos concept cars

GM’s Mary Barra on electric and the next few years of auto, E-hang co-founder on their new flying car and Rinspeed CEO with Ethos concept car & drone. Katie provides live interviews from CES; Sam Roberts provides funniez.

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PopSci | GM CEO Mary Barra on the Chevy Bolt at CES 2016

Straight from Las Vegas, watch our interview with GM's pioneering CEO about the Chevy Bolt, the company's new $30,000 electric car that can get 200 miles-per-charge, which was shown off at CES 2016.

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