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@KatieLinendoll: Representing @RITtigers on @DAonCBS Show! Happy Halloween 🎃

Representing @RITtigers on @DAonCBS Show! Happy Halloween

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@KatieLinendoll: Mirror mirror on the wall who is the techiest of them all? 🍎
Becoming Minnie Mouse 2.0 on The View

It was such a fun Halloween on The View!  The theme was cartoon characters and I appropriately dressed as my cartoon spirit animal “Minnie Mouse” because I love all things cute, sweet and polka dots. But of course, I had to kick this up with a modern twist.

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Create the Look: Grandin Road at Macy's Herald Square

It’s my favorite time of year! The Linendoll fam takes Halloween VERY seriously and you can bet we’ve already scoped out the neighbors and started to prep.

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