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Why all this STEM hype?

I remember my sheer excitement when I was invited to one of the first computer classes at my elementary school. I felt as though the world of technology opened up to me, and I think those early days of computing really inspired my future in technology. Since I was afforded that experience as a child, today I am a big supporter of encouraging the next generation of girls into STEM professions. 

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Katie at HLN: 'Making Tech Fun - STEM for Girls'

February has Valentine's Day, President's Day, and it also has Engineer's Week! We're looking at how these products inspire young girls to pursue STEM programs with Katie Linendoll.

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7 Ways to Encourage Girls to Go STEM

There's a big disparity when it comes to men versus women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professions. As a techie since childhood, I've always been fascinated with STEM and even earned my networking certificates before graduating high school! 

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