What a Tease! The Most Important Tech Reveal of 2017 is Upon Us

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We often think of technology as a piece of equipment we carry in our pockets or wear on our wrists, but next Tuesday, May 9, Mattress Firm will showcase a product with patented technology to help improve your sleep and overall quality of life.  It’s going to be the Most Important Tech Reveal of 2017.

I think it’s important to remember that tech innovation isn’t just about computers, but can also impact our daily lives.  Soon, I’ll share the product that I’ve just gotten my hands on. It has turned the prospect of a better night sleep into a reality—as it provides the luxury of a comfortable, personalized sleep experience.

I recently became aware that the latest and greatest in sleep technology is the hybrid mattress, which makes a lot of sense considering the hybrid addresses sleep health at the very root of the experience!

The hybrid mattress is unique, as it contains a 50/50 ratio of pocketed innersprings and memory foam on top.  This balanced blend of support provides the ultimate, restful night’s sleep.  With more support than a standard memory foam mattress, the hybrid makes for a more comfortable sleep experience.

As someone who is on the road 200+ days per year, I can say from experience that a good night’s sleep is the most important way to start and finish a full media day. That said, I’ve experienced some crazy sleep scenarios. In Iceland, for example, the beds were tiny. In Vegas, my bed was next to a roller coaster (not recommended) and I recall a trip to Costa Rica, when –  in the excitement of arriving I jumped on the hotel “bed” only to find out that it was actually a fragile wooden plank with a modest stuffed mattress on top.  When these adventures are all over, there is no better feeling that climbing into my own bed and getting the best night’s sleep  EVER.  If technology can help improve my beauty sleep – and trust me, this new product certainly can – then I am all in!! As we like to say in my world, STAY TUNED! May 9 will be here before you know it. #TechToPowerOff