Sleep Smarter to Enhance Your Lifestyle

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I cover a lot of crazy and over-the-top items when it comes to technology, so sometimes I forget that tech can also enhance our overall quality of life. We all love that companies are churning out the next big thing in innovation almost every day, but what about the technology that we can’t see? Ironically, there is a movement right now driven by companies and products aiming to educate us on just that.

When you work hard and play hard like I do, it’s important to get good night’s sleep in order to recharge. This upcoming announcement by Mattress Firm will provide an escape to a place of ultimate luxury (AKA #TechtoPowerOff). Remember to head over to the event’s landing page on Tuesday, May 9 at 8:30 a.m. CDT for what the company has dubbed “the most important tech reveal of 2017.” 

In the days prior to the event, Mattress Firm will be celebrating sleep health with some of their hand selected sleep tech product giveaways. Visit the brand’s Facebook page for a chance to win some of these:

  • Nox Smart Sleep Light – May 6
  • Sense Sleep System – May 7
  • Aura Connected Alarm Clock – May 8