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Katie.Show | EP 050: Meet the Cast of Archer

Katie interviews the cast and crew of the iconic FX show Archer at New York Comic Con for They dish on insights into the upcoming season 8, share which celeb guests they hope are part of the season (even members of the cast don't know yet!) and.....LANA!!!! (Don't get it?  You're missing out - tune in to Archer!)

The Parallels Between 'The Man in the High Castle' and Today's Political Climate Are Impossible to Ignore

The Man In The High Castle, Amazon’s ambitious adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel, has already attracted more than its fair share of controversy. The show first found itself embroiled in scandal when it plastered the New York City subway system with Nazi imagery, and then Amazon abruptly parted ways with its creator and Season 1 showrunner Frank Spotnitz midway through the filming of the show’s second season. However, the show and its primary cast members —Alexa Davalos, Rufus Sewell, DJ Qualls and Brennan Brown— were received with rapturous applause when they appeared earlier today at New York Comic Con.

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The Oscars Are Going To Come Calling Once They See Andy Serkis In 'War For The Planet Of The Apes'

Going through the short list of films which were able to seamlessly leverage advances in computer generated imagery (CGI) to tell an effective story to audiences, three films stand out: Jurassic Park, Avatar, and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

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Fake Psychic, Real Visions: Talking With the Cast of Hulu's 'Shut Eye'

Every city, no matter how big or how small, has its fair share of psychics. Sometimes they operate out of storefronts, sometimes from an individual’s residence. Well, have you ever wondered what goes on behind those closed curtains? The screenwriter Les Bohem certainly did, so he wandered into one. He came out not with a fortune but, rather, an idea for a television show.

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'Underworld: Blood Wars' is Full of the Most Attractive Monsters You'll Ever Meet

You thought the culture war between Democrats and Republicans was fierce? It doesn’t hold a candle to the blood wars that have been going on between the lycans and vampires for thousands of years, y’all! Decider caught up with the impossibly gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and the impossibly handsome Theo James, stars of the new film Underworld: Blood Wars, at New York Comic Con earlier today, where we talked to them about their upcoming action-adventure fantasy epic.

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New York Comic Con 2016: It's the Final Chapter for the 'Resident Evil' Franchise

The streets of Hollywood are littered with the detritus of big budget video game adaptations that have failed to get film franchises off the ground: Prince Of Persia, Warcraft, Doom, Max Payne … we could go on and on. This is why it’s so surprising to hear that the Resident Evilfranchise is voluntarily coming to an end in 2017 when Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits theaters. Since its theatrical debut in 2002, the series has spawned a total of six films and grossed well over $1 billion in worldwide box office, making it the most successful film series of its kind.

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The Cast of 'Shut Eye' Spills About the Morally Corrupt Women in Hulu's Gritty Psychic Drama

As Psych taught us for years, there’s a lot of mileage when it comes to the world of fake psychics, and this December, Hulu is planning on showing us an even darker side of this world. At New York Comic Con, Hulu presented a screening and a panel for its latest drama, Shut Eye, and even with its big name protagonist, it was the women of the series who commanded attention.

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