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Fake Psychic, Real Visions: Talking With the Cast of Hulu's 'Shut Eye'

Every city, no matter how big or how small, has its fair share of psychics. Sometimes they operate out of storefronts, sometimes from an individual’s residence. Well, have you ever wondered what goes on behind those closed curtains? The screenwriter Les Bohem certainly did, so he wandered into one. He came out not with a fortune but, rather, an idea for a television show.

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The Cast of 'Shut Eye' Spills About the Morally Corrupt Women in Hulu's Gritty Psychic Drama

As Psych taught us for years, there’s a lot of mileage when it comes to the world of fake psychics, and this December, Hulu is planning on showing us an even darker side of this world. At New York Comic Con, Hulu presented a screening and a panel for its latest drama, Shut Eye, and even with its big name protagonist, it was the women of the series who commanded attention.

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