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Countdown to Totality: Upgrade Your Viewing Experience with These Solar Eclipse Gadgets

This is the kind of blackout that is science approved! I’ve put together some of my favorite must have gadgets to watch the solar eclipse and I recommend getting them early, as they are already starting to sell out fast!

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Katie.Show | EP 72: How to get the perfect solar eclipse shot – Ken Sklute Canon Expert and Explorer of Light

´Ken Sklute gives Katie Linendoll tips on how to shoot that perfect eclipse photo - spoiler alert, it's not with a smart phone.  Canon has knighted Ken with the impressive title of being a "Canon Explorer of Light,” a distinction held by only 51 of the top photographers worldwide. Ken also chats eclipse safety and warns that many could be at risk for damaging their eyes if they don't wear proper protective eye gear. They also discuss our era of digital film and debate what crosses the line and becomes overmanipulation.

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